Julie Flynn
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Julie Flynn

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Frequencies matter.

Mother of 3, Nana of 2, Wife and a forever Patriot! I love God, America and our President Trump! #WWG1WGA

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Santa Surfing is how I found out about this platform also. Before watching her video, I never even knew about this lol..Im new also as of this morning. Still trying to get used to it.

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Thank you for shining your light and blazing it over us all!! 😻

"We haven't finished yet."
President Trump has been spotted on a golf course.

A man said, "Mr. President, thank you for your service," Trump replied, β€œWe haven’t finished yet."


Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General Announces Initiation of Investigation


Jesus is my God and Donald Trump is my president!

G'day. I just joined 5 minutes ago. I watched a santa surfing video and she mentioned anonup so I thought I would check it out. Suspended from twitter, escaped Parler before it blew, now on Gab, but not a huge fan to be honest. 😬.