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I really don't know what to believe anymore… But after hearing about the theory that there's a layer of "sky ice" above our heads, I can't help but wonder if the "spaceship" on this George Magazine cover was meant to portray a hole through said layer.

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Learn to throw the bs back at them! 🤣🤣🤣

Had the coolest experience walking the dog last night. Beautiful out, quiet—then I went through a spider web. Ugh! But it was one of those single strings across your path, so easy to remove.

Got me chatting with God about how it would be cool if critters respected our personal space. No bites or stings or jumping out or sneaking up. Like they wait for permission—so if you offer a finger to a butterfly, they’re welcome to board & it’s win-win.

Fast forward like 2 mins. I see a butterfly on the sidewalk. Since it was 1:30am, I thought he was being attacked by ants or injured or something, but he was fine.

I offered a finger & he climbed on. I tried depositing him on several different plants, even some beautiful flowers, as we walked. No dice.

He stayed on my hand until I got home. There’s a big weed in front where there’s construction ongoing, & I offered that as a last resort. He climbed right on, folded his wings, & went to sleep! It was exactly where he wanted to be.

Fascinating read on why brainwashed people are so resistant to seeing the truth even when it’s obvious:


#FamilyIsEverything. APL = 9.2/10 *Not an authorized preacher.

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What if "sky ice" is the result of the oxygen in our atmosphere rising to the limit of what the earth's heat can reach and then a layer freezes like a bubble. It would create a thin, flexible blue layer that would disappear when heated. This layer would remain very thin since earth's gravity would pull it inward if it grew too heavy, which would cause the inside to melt as it approached the heat radiating from the surface.

So our sky would appear blue, our atmosphere would stay sealed off from escaping into space, and a spacecraft trying to re-enter would hit the resistance of the bubble until the friction melts a hole through which they could pass.

If there were sufficient cold present at the surface in Antarctica for some reason, that's where the bubble could be anchored, as a thick layer of sky ice could form with the ground to support it.

So then we would have a round earth (which fits with observable phenomenon) AND a huge coverup surrounding the ice wall in Antarctica.

Today's Flynn foreshadowing Q on 6/4?

'Raise the flag': Flag image
'Take the pledge': Remember your oath

BOOM week ahead?

6/2, Avenatti is sentenced to prison.

On 6/10, Q posted a locked-on target from Avenatti with “Start the Clock” and asked, “Do Anons understand what is about to be unleashed?”

So the clock started yesterday (6/2)… which matches the date on the watch in a “clock is ticking” post

“The clock is activated” posted 2/18, along with “Something BIG is coming”

If we look at posts for the week starting 6/2, we find:
6/4: “Only at the precipice [moment of destruction] will people find the will to change”
6/6: “[D] Day, Patriots. We will have our Country back!”
6/9: “The wait will soon be over”

Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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Think For Yourself!!!👊

Bitcoin Pizza Day? From St. Jude? That doesn’t look right...

"The World's A Stage"

The Wizard of Oz what it's really about . . . . .the hidden message


The Wizard of Oz what it's really about . . . . .the hidden message - YouTube

The hidden message behind The Wizard of Oz and what it is really means. . . . This appears to be a message to expose the banking cartel in America, their dec...

We should cut back on pre-shredded cheese and Make America 'Grate' Again.

Lunar Eclipse happening where I live on 5/15 @ 11:11. Go figure...

Revelation 16:12
• We now have a king from the east (Putin) fighting alongside other eastern "kings" in Ukraine.
• Cloud-based frogs (who came like a thief, unexpected and anonymous) have gone out to provoke the kings of the world into a fight on the digital battlefield. Those who did not compromise themselves will indeed be blessed in not needing to fear exposure by the frogs.
• A hacker group called "Armageddon" looking for dirt in Ukraine—the home base for where corrupt kings gathered to engage in money laundering, human trafficking, genocide, bioweapons, bribery, arms deals, and every other crime imaginable.

Good news is we're getting very close to the happy end of this book. :)

SHTF in Ukraine right now, as the media wring hands over SCOTUS leak and Johnny Depp.

An algorithm for Social Media could be useful.

When a post is "ReShared", the algorithm could boost the single post to the top of the feed, based on the popularity, rather than numerous repeating identical posts that are ReShared consecutively.

While you're on the line, adding a header comment to a ReShared post would be cool, and make consecutive posts unique.


This delta is really speaking to me today.

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Psychedelic mushrooms might just be the ultimate "red pill."

"As we have reported numerous times in the past, psychedelic mushrooms are becoming increasingly popular in the US as a possible treatment for psychiatric disorders, with their main active ingredient, psilocybin, moving from the fringes of medicine, to become increasingly mainstream.

Roland Griffiths, a professor who studies the neuropsychopharmacology of consciousness at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, received approval in 2000 to carry out the first experiments on psilocybin since the 1960s. He found in a survey of early study participants that more than half regarded it as one of the most meaningful experiences of their life."

More Studies Highlight Medical Benefits Of 'Magic Mushrooms' Active Ingredient | ZeroHedge

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Gonzalo Lira #WhereisGonzaloLira - YouTube

Gonzalo Lira #WhereisGonzaloLira

Sadly confirmed that journalist and US citizen Gonzalo Lira was indeed murdered by the Nazi faction of “hero” Zelensky’s military.

And the US government continues providing money and weapons to support this regime.

Yet another classic novel describing a Satanic, child-murdering cult?

When I first read HG Wells "Time Machine," I thought it was a veiled commentary on class warfare.

But with what I know now, it seems more likely he was describing a Pizza-gate world in which a group of small, frivolous, mentally inferior humanoids called Eloi serve as food for violent, subterranean Morlocks.

The description of the Eloi fits the small size, inexperience, and dependence of children pretty well. And how about an unempathic, predatory mob of cannibalistic Morlocks sneaking around at night to abduct and eat the Eloi?

BTW, the predators just happen to be named for an ancient deity to whom infants were sacrificed.

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The Masterpiece is already finished and ready to be unveiled.

So this reminds me of a recent VK poll question about mRNA treatments to increase life expectancy...


What if 3 other movies are playing at the same time?
beginning in theater 4 = April

Sum of All Fears: Baltimore/bomb in a container
Godfather 3: Twitter/Musk buyout offer
Hunt for Red October: Russia/CIA faceoff in Ukraine


Question: Occasionally I see posts in my feed from accounts that have apparently blocked me from seeing their posts. As far as I'm aware, I've never even interacted with these accounts and have absolutely no idea who they are.

Is this common? Just seems so weird.

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Good news is that this whole mess worked! (Everything that didn't work doesn't exist anymore, so we can take consolation in the fact that if we still know what happened, there was a point to all the horrible crap.)

And now the real "Big Guy" is ready to set things right because we don't need to continue flailing around in duality anymore.

But before we leave, we have to recognize what has happened, face it squarely, find a way to accept it, and forgive ourselves for having made such a mess on the way to a solution.

Fortunately, we will succeed in this final task and the cycles of light/dark can finally end as we make our way back to the garden.

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And again the camera seems to focus on some strange motions surrounding the red folder right after he walks away from the monitors.

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Maybe that's what was in the red folder—the orders/plans for the Ashli Babbit false flag.

It would explain why Trump stayed in the tent (pretending to not have arrived until after the ambulance pased by the surveillance camera) before he took the stage... and why he held up the folder at that time. They knew what was planned! They needed to hold the crowd so long that the plotters would go ahead with their plot while Trump was still speaking. It could also explain why Trump's speech lacked the normal focus and seemed to ramble... he was just keeping the crowd in place while playing the role of "defeated" general, so the plotters would think their coup was working.

But now Putin has a copy of that folder and can do a reveal without involving Trump directly.

That would be pretty slick.

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Here's the video with the ambulance arriving, which immediately precedes Trump's loss of interest in the monitors.

Are we watching the destruction of the "Whore of Babylon" described in Revelation? (I kind of thought it had to be DC, but now I'm not so sure.)
(3 images)

1. The whore is described as a city on 7 hills, like Kiev.

2. The beast she rides surprises the world, because it "once was, now is not, and yet will come." The Russians say they are de-nazifying Ukraine, which we find implausible because we believe the Nazis were defeated in WWII. That they could be running Ukraine in 2022 is considered absurd.

3. The kings of the earth weep over her destruction.