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May you trust God that you are exactly where you are meant to be. May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith.

Pissed Off Deplorable Patriot⚫

Fact... and they announced it many times before it happened. The towers were built to come down on that day in the very fashion they did. If anyone doesn't believe that after looking at the facts then they really have very little ability to reason and use logical thinking.There really is nothing to debate about it at this point. Case closed.

Album cover with 911 backwards over the pillars looking out of what? An airplane window... 1979.

Rockefeller on Newsweek cover '67 and back page of mag, 9/11 and twin pillars.

Imagine the planning it took from this point in '67 to the kids reading from a book the words... Kite, hit, steel, plane, must to the "Resident" of the US 15 seconds before he was told the pillars were hit. Just imagine how joyful they were when the plan succedded and they thought they got away with it.

Oh what a tangled web they weave when first they practice to....

Lawful vs [unlawful], SaveTheChildren,Physics to life force, truth a force of nature, discern what is true, audit, satire?

Trump talked about putting the power back into the peoples hands.
What power is that?
All political power is inherent in We The People.
We have the right to alter, reform or abolish any Capital T thing.

We are responsible for learning our own rights and how to protect them.
Everyone is obligated to know what their rights are and how to defend those rights.
We The People are suppose to keep governments in check.


TESTING for Monday Night Law 10-25-2022 - YouTube

Video footage contained herein are used under fair use and for educational purposes only.

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Have her try soaking in a hot epsom salts bath. Her muscles could use the magnesium. Hope she feels better...

Doing my part in helping restore freedom to America while kicking evil in the ass. Guided by God the Father, Jesus Christ & my ancestors!

Patriots if I could ask for your prayers.

My wife hasn’t slept all night. Her legs are aching to the point where she can’t sleep. We don’t know what’s wrong. She’s unvaxxed — of course.

I appreciate it AU family!

I trust only the ones I love. I'm a verbal assassin, a #SaveOurChildren sniper. I spread God, Truth and Love. I'M NOT HERE FOR FOLLOWERS..

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9/11 itself was a ritual. Two pillars just as the freemasons always use…

May you trust God that you are exactly where you are meant to be. May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith.

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May you trust God that you are exactly where you are meant to be. May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith.

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Elizabeth Sylvia
29 minutes ago

Brazil is about to show the world a template.

Same template as Saudi Arabia and Russia have both used.
Same template that will come over most of the developed world before this is all over.

Pay attention Patriots ->

Brazilian Mil Targets:
>Foreign_funded military-capable assets
>Militant-organized gangs/their funding/their networks
>Traitors(gov’t)/their funding networks
>Black_market Infrastructure
>Mules/petty treason(oxymoronic I know)
>Espionage Assets(all forms)

Eyes Up.

May you trust God that you are exactly where you are meant to be. May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith.

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Baker’s bread?
A marker, maybe?

Thank you, BAKER(s)!
[re: MSM] when facts and truth are NOT on your side what tactics must be deployed?

ThanQ BAKER. Wouldn't be here without you.

Boom time

May you trust God that you are exactly where you are meant to be. May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith.

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Nov 11, 2018 12:58:18 PM EST
Let the unsealing begin.
Let the DEC[L]AS begin.
Let the WORLD witness the TRUTH.
We, the PEOPLE.

2478 = 21 > 777

The meaning of multiple number sevens such as 777 and 7777 is derived from it being a reinforcement of perfection and God's unmistakable hand in the affairs of man.

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VK 8/22/20 Save this.
VK Happy New Year April 1st
Arrow points to 8/26
Fryday Dec 9th = Nov 26th Julian
Nov 26th = 8 months 26 days from April 1st
Pearl Harbor 2 hits Louisiana?
Storm in pic hits Louisiana.
Louisiana only state beginning with L

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Dad, Guitarist, Patriot. Truth 'n MAGA ~ Music link below

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The constitution is now part of the conversation. THATS the story.
We been ALL ABOUT it this whole time! Now when they bring it up WE are ready to discuss. They have been corralled into the trap set up by the stable genious at the top!!! We are in good hands! 🤍🏁🤍

Pissed Off Deplorable Patriot⚫

There is no 2024 vote if 2020 and 22 not fixed. You can forget it. Don't even think about it.

#FlagsOut #SilentNoMore #SaveTheChildren #GodWins! #GodBlesstheUnitedStatesofAmerica!

ULTRA PepeLivesMatter

We expected them to cheat.
Feel the frustration of another rigged election but then give it over to God.
Figure out what God is calling you specifically to do.
Pray for this country.
Remember Trump's recent statements.
We need an unprecedented cure so don't hang your hopes somewhere where they don't belong.
Only God can truly deliver this nation and we get to play a role together with Him and the beautiful Patriots we stand together with.
You're not the only one feeling the anguish.
Get your eyes on Him.
We need a revival in this nation.
We need unity and truth.
It's not over until God says it is.

Some one special to some, tho not part of any 'elevated' personas, groups, or platforms. @Godrusa (tw) and @godrus on truth social telegr

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stefan halper = satan's helper?

Woman who loves God, my family, & my country, as well as Freedom lovers worldwide. Not here for followers. #FamilyIsEverything #GodWins

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And....just as expected, [they] are stealing the Georgia election again...at least for now.
May the arrests begin swiftly.

#Boomerang incoming??

I think, therefore, I am free. I am a Prayer Warrior, Child of God, and a Patriot.... #Trump4EVA, #MAGA, #MEGA, #KAG, #KAGA

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I am sorry you have endured such tremendous loss. Your heavy sorrow is about to become your capacity for creating a new life.
May Hope, Love, Kindness, and Patience comfort you and lead you to a new future of collective evolution. God be with you all the way.

Family is everything. MAGA. Dark to Light! 🥰🥰God Bless President Trump, Flotus & family.🙏🏻 🇺🇸WWG1WGA. 🇺🇸 God always wins. 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻

VK: If you think Georgia is
50/50 you dumb.


I love God, family, friends, animals, holistic living, history, numbers, Q, POTUS 45, John Kennedy Jr. "The best is yet to come!"

🇺🇲🦅 TRUMP | KAG | [Z] Investigative Journalism #1Q49 God Crew 😎✌️#FightBack **🥊** ❤️✨️

Love Wendy ❤️ 🇺🇲🦅

🇺🇲🦅 TRUMP | KAG | [Z] Investigative Journalism #1Q49 God Crew 😎✌️#FightBack **🥊** ❤️✨️

Wendy Rogers:

"When you don't punish the corruption that happens in the dark of night.

They start to feel a lot more comfortable doing it in broad daylight.

What’s this?@katiehobbs certifying her own election. SEEMS legit." 😆😆🥊

thoughts -> feelings -> actions -> results. When you change your thoughts, you'll change your life.

Asking for prayers for my brother. He is in late stage Parkinson’s (escalated by my SIL getting him triple jabbed.) I also think that he may also be under some kind of spiritual attack. I know he has demensia from the Parkinson’s but weird things keep happening, like the same picture keeps getting knocked over randomly when no one is near it. Today he said he felt like he got hit in the head. He also has horrible hallucinations and dreams of bugs and dead bodies floating everywhere etc. I can’t imagine the torture he experiences daily. Please pray for his protection and relief. He’s a sweet soul who’s had a difficult life. My heart breaks that he’s going through this.

Graphic Artist & Illustrator - Authorized Minister - US Navy Wife - Former Instructor - US NAVY TAP - CEO - Proud Patriot - #Arkansas

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