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Did you know that our textbooks made by Mcgraw-Hill were owned by Robert Maxwell?

Just wait til this country finds that out.

Ordinary American who loves her country, tears up during the National Anthem and recognizes what President Trump is doing for the world.

when even tne teleprompter knows

In response Vincent Kennedy⍟ to his Publication

Learned from the BEST or GOAT.

Q 1102

Don't forget how to PLAY.
You're next.
What is Jack's SECRET T-handle?
'Dummy' accounts to talk.
What you SEE is LIMITED.
Think emails

I am my word! Truthful, Big hearted, and full of unconditional LOVE! WOOHOO Thank you GOD!

I'm feeling a bit like my life was totally hijacked.
The more info I read, and listen to
Makes me sick to learn,
The Maxwell education clip was the kicker, eyes opened wider now.
Never, NOT once, was my Country ever on my team.
They trapped me on this planet, and used my body for a profit, without my knowledge.
Who wants to live on a Satan worshiping planet.
We must be super strong beings
We have endured their torture, and abuse,
and are still moving forward, one step at a time.
I thank God for protecting me as much as possible
I'm truly now an old lady clueless
The only TRUTH I know is God.
Tortured, abused, suffering, murder with intent truly.
INTENTIONALLY murdering us for a profit.
I survive September 3, 12:01 midnite
I think I am still alive, Damn who knows anymore.
Thanks for listening
MAke your day great. Aloha

I may not have done as much as others, but I've done my fair share of research on a number of topics. It's most of what I've done for the past few years with some decoding on the side. Throughout it all the one thing I've learned above all else is that [they] have lied about everything. History and the world as we know it is not what we think it is, and I think that has been the point of our awakening. To uncover and seek out truths regardless of how uncomfortable they might be to us. There's a saying that goes, "I would rather be hurt by the truth, than comforted with a lie". I think that's why VK said that only after we get answers can we begin to heal. Because the answers we find may not be the answers we want. Answers that can shatter an entire reality that we have attached ourselves too. I think that's what it really means to put on the Armor of G_d. To walk through that Valley of the Shadow of Death and come out the other side a stronger person because of it.

"Fear not."

Red Pilled for 30+ years.🐸 Exposing Govt Corruption, Fraud & the NWO. Truth Seeker✨ USAF Veteran✈️ #WWG1WGA🌎 #GodWins🕊️ #SaveAmerica 🇺🇸


Warrior for Truth & Justice Greatest move of God is upon us Trump IS President #WWG1WGA

Explosions are heard in Kherson

Unapologetic Pre-1871 Constitutionalist, Truth Seeker, Wall Watcher, Warrior of Yeshua and Deplorable Trump Chump. WWG1WGA 🍊

Might be seeing a lot more of this soon

#FamilyIsEverything. APL = 9.36/10 *Not an authorized preacher.

In response Robert Wakefield to his Publication

Hmm Right Eye>?

Looked it up on google and I spy...


here we go....buckle up...👇

Russia accuses Hunter Biden of financing biolabs in Ukraine - Insider Paper
Russia said on Thursday that the Rosemont Seneca investment fund, led by Hunter Biden, the son of US President Joe Biden, is funding the

video & story from RT

another dtory from Insider Paper


Multiple reports have come in to me that various banks in Pennsylvania have suddenly "shut down". The brick & mortar locations are closed, and the phone numbers are no longer in service.

Eyes on 👀


NCSVVIC NOTHING! WWG1WGA_WW Twatter - @HereMnot Truth Social - @QualityControl

4 accounts NUKED in less than 24 hours on Twat. 😒

2 new accounts (#'s 14 & 15) created - new emails, new phone numbers, new devices, new browsers, new ISP locations (dif IP & physical location), etc. - both currently locked out for 12 hours, most likely to get the boot as soon as the 12 hours is up.

Looks like I'm kicking it over here with you AMAZING Anons! I'll get lost in the void over here, but I suppose it is what it is....... 💚💯

We should cut back on pre-shredded cheese and Make America 'Grate' Again.

March Madness:

1) Hunter Biden Laptop confirmed
2) Bio-labs in Ukraine exposed
3) Trump sues Hillary for Russia-Gate
4) Russia kicking Nazi arse
5) Vaxxx info being released

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NCSVVIC NOTHING! WWG1WGA_WW Twatter - @HereMnot Truth Social - @QualityControl

Good afternoon, frenz & fam! Hoping everyone has had an amazing day! 👊💥💯

Its Getting Hot


NCSVVIC NOTHING! WWG1WGA_WW Twatter - @HereMnot Truth Social - @QualityControl

FP - Con: Charlie

Eyes on!

NCSVVIC NOTHING! WWG1WGA_WW Twatter - @HereMnot Truth Social - @QualityControl

GM'n, Warriors!#TacoTuesday

Red Pilled for 30+ years.🐸 Exposing Govt Corruption, Fraud & the NWO. Truth Seeker✨ USAF Veteran✈️ #WWG1WGA🌎 #GodWins🕊️ #SaveAmerica 🇺🇸


#GoodvsEvil #GodWins - St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the Devil.