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Crazy things that happened and were memory holed from history in the recent past few years;

1) Wayfair "scandal"
2) Biden's Greenscreen Microphones
3) Alan Parrot and his Marvellous Menagerie

Please continue below...

17 letters

Painted 1701

Hello You!

Excellent work Bob Moran.

Drag Queen shows on TV
Drag Queen servers at Taco Bell
Drag Queen story hour

It's almost like there's some weird agenda going on.

2000 Mules is not what you think it is, forget the content, the move is incredible.

I know its funny n'all, but when one of the richest men on Earth jokes about being suicided, we are in a new level of madness.

I suspect things will get ever increasingly overt from this point onward.

This is where we are, Translation;

Person injected with 3 lots of mystery juice to protect from virus they now have after getting a test despite having no symptoms that somehow tests positive for something they had no idea they had and currently have.

I can't even deconstruct the translation it's so idiotic.


Demon Protest.



Demon Protest.


Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day.

Can you feel it?



They expected the Ukraine distraction to last 2 years, only lasted 2 months, done soon, probably 2 days.

Merry Xmas, War is Over.

Things are going to get very very weird, especially after the Schumann level up.

Hold on!

Felt something just now, a disturbance in the force, like 10,000 bad guys just realised they are doomed.

felt good.

Humanity is busy levelling up right now.

"Weather Bomb" coming to Australia.

Why use that term? because they have to tell you.

The worst flooding will most likely be in areas where Smart Cities are planned, probably East coast.

The more you know.




Poisoning our Country




Potus doing the new hip thrust 'towel drying' dance 😅

I love it.


The Evil Within.



Apologies would have posted more clips but AU is not working correctly.

Apologies would have posted more clips but AU is not working correctly.

Lock her Up!


#Potus bomber Jacket.

Dis gon be gud.

will post live clips.

The Keystone state Rally.

Will do clips. If I can.