Jason VanDerpoel donated @IamJason913
27 March, 10:23
Tune It Out, Brothers, Sisters, Tune it Out. What is being accomplished by focusing on the Storm? To Me, it looks like More Division, looks like crime is increasing, appears to be destruction of our cities, and increased fear throughout Humanity. The storm is raging, its flames are just as real for those You feel You Oppose, as it burns without bowing to class or rank. We as Humanity are forgetting so many things about ourselves, and about God. We as a Humanity fight to keep our footing, instead of accepting the hand that will offer You stability without fight. I don't care what side Your on, but I know You just want to Live. Let Go Of Fear, become the Water that Floods the FIres. Unite Humanity Individually, as Intended. Do Not Give Your FREE-WILL to This System. WE Stop, WE Stand, WE Show The World That We Peacefully Stand On OUR LAND. WHEN WILL YOU? Real Faith, Means GOD Is ALL, WE ARE THE FLOOD.🙏
Leonardo da Vinci described water as “the driving force of nature.”


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Stevie King @ShineBright9
30 March, 10:55
In response Jason VanDerpoel to his Publication
The stories need to be told, but always remembering who we are and what we came here to do is so important right now! Elevate the vibration of Love and our planet to rid the Evil for once and for all! They will not Win!

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