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its rarely used in my house. i have deodorant without it. i do use aluminum foil to cover when baking...but i dont cook in it. as for makeup..cant find a reasonable priced organic make up. mascara bothers me realllyyyy bad. i buy mostly organic foods and drinks and avoid all vaccines..including for my dogs.

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"Last month Hollywood elitist Bette Midler lashed out at West Virginians after Democrat Senator Joe Manchin killed Biden’s Build Back Broke bill.

Midler called West Virginians 'poor, illiterate and strung out' from her ivory tower in response to Manchin listening to his constituents.

Governor Justice had a message for Bette Midler Thursday evening during his state of the state address.

'Babydog tells Bette Midler and all those out there: Kiss her hiney,' Justice said to a standing ovation."

(video in article)


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I LOVE DoGs soooo much . ✨❤️✨
(Not my pups, but I wish they were)

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​🔴National Weather Service Issues ‘Falling Iguana Alert’ in Florida

READ: https://1.breakingheadlines.news/7zt1mv


🗣️this is a real thing... we have them in our area. they are considered invasive; they kill cats and small dogs... burrow into seawalls and structures, etc... recently they passed a bill in our area that we can humanly kill them... some ppl eat them and say they taste like chicken...

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🔴 Watch: Governor Holds Up Dog’s Butt During State of the State, Tells Bette Midler to ‘Kiss Her Hiney’


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There was a lot said at that funeral. Officer Rivera called his father “Papi”, and his nickname was “TaTa”- sounded like tap tap. He was scared of dogs and snakes. The funeral was held at St Patrick’s Cathedral. Some interesting connections-


ring bells? you can test on you for connect all dots hint is been told on there in videos only partly wrong info

"Earthing Movie"


"How Long Does Ravne Tunnel Healing Last?"


"Sick Children Buried In Sand"


"Minerals Emit Energy"


"Know Silica"


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When I was going to sleep last night I was thinking about those monkeys that escaped in PA. Just how sad it is that humans think they have the right to use other living creatures as lab rats.

Then I was thinking about this article below and the monkey’s revenge on those dogs for one of their babies getting killed.

Then I found myself thinking about all the monkeys and other poor creatures Fauci and his evil cronies have been experimenting on.

In Genesis 9:2 God puts fear of man upon the animals but in the end days it’s removed. Revelation 6:8 says 1/4 of mankind is killed in part by wild animals.

Can you imagine how much rage all these animals have on mankind at this point. I have a feeling these evil scientists will get what they deserve.

This is the stuff that runs through my brain as I am going to bed lol good stuff…🙃


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Bidens don't need to be near dogs, cats, kids, any living thing. Ugh.

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Verse of the Day for Friday, January 28, 2022

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