President: Donald J. Trump. The Corp. Never Ever give up. WWG1WG1 And above all Trust God.

When you know, you know & family who fight together, stay together! #TruePatriot #PresidentTrumpIsMyPresident #DivineWisdom #GodWins

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I've watched the Count of Monte Christo 🤔 well when was it released 2002? So, I bought it, watched it at least 2/3 times a week, then only movie (I bought and downloaded) on Google for myself...still watching at last once a week...I'd say that is literally too many times to count.😁

My favorite movie. It resonates with me.

My best friend since age 5, embezzled half of my money & my husband stashed the other half (while working separately & selfishly). One did it out of jealousy while the other was just a womanizer. I would have given them both all of it had they asked - they are liars/thieves.

My son died in a car accident at 16. Ironically, had he been driving the Truck/SUV I was going to purchase him (w/20K saved for that), he would've lived but instead, he was driving an older car & was seated lower. He was hit by a little S10 pickup (the larger truck would've shielded him from it.)

I had to forgive them & heal my broken heart. Staying angry brings darkness in, let it go

Damn!! And my sincerest thoughts and prayers to you. May God lighten your load and ease your heart.
You are a Trooper. If you catch me complaining on here please send me a slap on the head.
God bless.

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