What could possibly go wrong with the production of a transgenic mosquito “syringe” that implants foreign DNA into unaware hosts via its saliva?

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I believe I have wittnessed these bastards!! Didnt look normal at all! They have a loud buzz, It was hoovering around my plants like it was analyzing them!
When I went to get something to kill it because I'm allergic it's gone

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My daughter said that she saw an army of mosquitoes outside already in NJ. How do we get rid of them? Why are we allowing this??? Isn't the real Gates gone already?


already released in texas and florida, as well as other countries
SOMETHING was biting the F out of us that left a monster whelp whencompared to the other whelps

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Gates the sick evil F##K is a threat to humanity he is insane needs to be stopped. Just imagine if one of us sugested this we would be thrown in jail for terrorism.

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I'd say Ice everyone involved just like the eugenics vaccines

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I am not surprised given the fact there are already patents for drone mosquitoes and other drone insects. 😡

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Yeah seen couple days ago a documentation regarding those shit. Gates is the pure evil. Time to vaccinate him with a rope.

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"design a mosquito" - so now they're playing God. What other abominations are they going to create? oh right, human designed humans.

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Mad scientists or just evil?