Not Tom. Tom just reminds me of better times when MySpace was first started free from Deep State.

So get this. CEO of Parler gets voted out by the board and are now putting a former Twitter exec in the position as CEO.

💖We are all God’s children.💖

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Parler was always a trojan horse op. Bongino isn't innocent. They literally herded conservatives to Parler for months. They have the data and a list.

Gab is the other noose. They hired a new cybersecurity person straight from Twitter. They were bragging about ALL the Silicon Valley resumes remember? Then two weeks ago they were advertising & trying to start up a new chat room on Gab. I queried about the security and the privacy and I got to know him well...😳 You are NOT safe there... Red Flag Alerts!

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💖We are all God’s children.💖

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Right you sre. I won't join gab either. No platform is truly free of deceivers.