Courtney Webster @Patriot777_
02 December, 07:58
i literally need a caretaker at 28 years old.
i have one arm at 40%
one arm 0%
legs 30%
on my own for the next 9 hours
my body is worse shape than a 95 year old.
please send me good vibes.
this was me in my prime right before my gardasil damage hit me like a MACK TRUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i was army bound
now i am wheelchair bound
i am so lost now.
Please pray for me
the parasites are really affecting my mental health today evidently

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Laurie Wilson @Micah6_8
05 December, 07:55
In response Courtney Webster to her Publication
Not to push things on you, but have your heard of detoxes like glutathione, NAC and others? NAC can help repair cellular damage.

There are options other than what is found in the medical world...just want to make sure you are aware of other options out there.

May not cure you but may help improve your life - it has helped a lot with my RA (studies are showing auto immune disease is caused by parasites, which is why anti-parasitic and antibiotics work on RA but doctors today refuse to treat this way - it was the standard treatment from 1930's onward until big pharma cranked out meds that were very expensive, some are $6000 per dose).

My family has chronic lyme, so we have been on ivermectin since before the pandemic, self prescribed - keeps us all functional and doing well...if one of us ends up with a flare, we hit it with antibiotics and it dies down again. Constant battle...I firmly believe Lyme is a bioweapon that escaped. Never had before 1950's...

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Courtney Webster @Patriot777_
06 December, 07:35
In response Laurie Wilson to her Publication
i am grateful you decided to expand your response and add this info in as i needed this info for a friend wondering if ivm helps arthritis. i also have arthritis in my blood family so i want to share testiminials with them. i would love to talk to you more it wont let me dm you tho. i had no idea what lyme disease was i might even be affected by it.. i need to look into it

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Laurie Wilson @Micah6_8
07 December, 03:38
In response Courtney Webster to her Publication
With you - you were damaged by Gardasil. I have not done research on that specifically because I refused to allow any of my children to receive vaxxes and that vax was after I stopped ped nursing).

From what I've researched since reading your post on here, it sounds like you are suffering from something in the vaccine that injured you on numerous levels, including possibly parasitic parts that were injected into you. We are seeing parts of what the C vax has in it, graphene, nanos and more. The Gardasil vax was the first really severe reaction vax (compared to all other prior vaxxes) - almost like a test run for the C vax.

Your body is damaged, using glutathione and NAC and other things to help heal your cellular damage is important. But so is killing off anything inside you like bacteria/parasites/fungus/virus. And, detoxing constantly to pull out anything that shouldn't be in your body. It's a combination of treatments that can help you improve. Not cure, but improve.

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Love Wins @Lovewins_17
07 December, 11:15
In response Laurie Wilson to her Publication
indeed! Seeing the damage inflicted on young people from that "vaccine" made me want to scream. Deaths and horrific damage. 😱😭🤬🤬🤬

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Courtney Webster @Patriot777_
07 December, 11:41
In response Love Wins to her Publication
i still am in shock this is happening to me . i only realized gardasil did this almost 13 days ago then i got sick and have been so sick i havent been able to research and work on my law suit enough. i have been wondering whats wrong with me for years. i am too high iq to take my drs BS excuses he just keeps sending me for dumb xrays on my elbows, hips etc and says he found nothing wow thanks for the radiation doc!!!!!. i was in the 5yr Kinesiology BSc program and thats the back door into the 10 yr medical doc program. i was going to do it, but knew more than what they wanted me to know back then and i dropped out. just had a feeling the medical system is a scam business not a life saving program and i was right. i wasted a lot of money, was under so much stress from the labs, essays it only made my conditions worsen. school IS AWFUL!!!!!!!!!! it used to be my love. grade 6-7 is the reason i had to get gardasil if i were homeschooled this would not be happening to me. i fight on⚔♥️🙏

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Laurie Wilson @Micah6_8
My oldest of 9 went thru pre-med, and then entered medical school. Took her one semester to realize she was being programmed and not taught. She had to walk away - a heavy student loan debt load for both her her parents to pay off. She was on fire to be a doctor, but it was so politicized and if you didn't carry their garbage as truth and succumb to their ideology, you were singled out and punished for it.

College IS a scam. Not only do you pay thru the nose for the education, but then you have to get 'certified or licensed' in order to use that knowledge - and without getting certified and licensed you can't work that job, so it ensures that 'they' get a huge chunk of money for each person who graduates and has huge student loan debt. I get the ideology behind it, but how it plays out is WRONG...

Consider going into herbal medicine, even becoming a naturopath. You can actually help people that way...
01:06 PM - Dec 07, 2022
In response Courtney Webster to her Publication
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Generica Persona - UNITY donated @akalaurel
07 December, 01:24
In response Laurie Wilson to her Publication
Well done, your daughter is an independent thinker ... so happy to hear it. More of us should be learning about holistic medicine as it will be the only way going fwd to cure most everything. Nutritionist is also an import asset to our health.

As far as other trades, job skills, I think farmers (botany), chef, seamstress, carpenter, engineer, plumbers, machinist etc are necessary trades that can be utilized anywhere.

None of these are taught in schools today. Not even the basics of debit / credit for financial needs. Shameful.

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Laurie Wilson @Micah6_8
08 December, 12:15
In response Generica Persona - UNITY to her Publication
I completely agree with you...and they don't teach any vocational skills at all anymore. That's a crime, it creates so many issues for young adults and they give up early in life because college is too expensive and useless, and they need some kind of training to get a good paying job.

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Lion Hart @Lion_Hart
07 December, 01:17
In response Laurie Wilson to her Publication
Education/teaching acts the same as the med route

Not only do you have to get "certified," but there are also all the state testing that goes along with it- both to get into college programs and to get that cherished certification after college; lets not forget the yearly fees to renew licenses.

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Laurie Wilson @Micah6_8
07 December, 11:34
In response Lion Hart to his Publication
I'm right there with you on that...I keep my nursing license up, and I also went thru another 8 years of college to earn my dual BS and M.Ed. in special ed. Cost me a fortune! And all the upkeep just adds to the financial blow...

But without it, you can't teach - and why do they charge so much for education? Especially online classes?

There has to be a better way. Have you noticed there are basically no vocational training classes in high school anymore - NONE. Everything is 'college ready' classes and the push for each high school student to go to college or they are a failure... They set up the next generation to fail miserably. Not everyone wants or needs to go to college - most shouldn't go to college. Only those who need that intensive training should go, but it shouldn't cost what it does. My daughter would have been looking at $500K to become a doctor, and another $500-800K to specialize as a developmental pediatrician (rarest out there). Enormous debt load...

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arba happihr @arba
07 December, 01:11
In response Laurie Wilson to her Publication
You did a great job raising your daughter.
She was taught to think for herself
She used her own brain.
Thank you God for this wonderful child.
Thank you God for the wonderful parenting this child received!
Thank you God bless.

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Laurie Wilson @Micah6_8
07 December, 11:29
In response arba happihr to her Publication
Thank YOU for noticing this🙂

I have 8 bio children, they are all like this, we homeschooled which helped immensely...

My second daughter was in nursing school, her instructors loved her because she was so gifted with caring for patients...but they required the Covid jab, and my daughter walked away from that too. Broke her heart. She would have been 3rd gen nursing too - my mom was an ER nurse, I was an ER/NICU/PICU/peds nurse. She will never go back, she doesn't trust 'the system'...

I also have a 9th child I unofficially adopted when she was 16, she had a horrific life and needed a family. 13 years later she's still part of our family and always will be. She's learned to 'see' the truth out there too.

Children are my reason for living - nothing is more important than making sure the next gen can think for themselves, stand up for truth, and defend the weak and helpless. They are the future, and society as a whole gives so little attention and time to them...

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