Lauren M Bradley @Lauren_M_Bradley
05 December, 09:14
I love how they thought they could try and shove meds down my throat and make me forget that I am crippled and forget my calling.
There's no psyche meds that fix a crippled leg nor any psyche meds that can pull me away from GOD. Nice try tho, losers. U still living a complete LIE. Weed is still illegal and you pretending to be a real doctor.
Still at an impasse.
Pray for all the #doctors out there who don't have a clue how WRONG they are. Degrees don't make U smarter. They make U harder to TEACH.

Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Mark 10:13-16

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Elizabeth Griff @Elizabeast
05 December, 10:55
In response Lauren M Bradley to her Publication
i love that “degrees do not make you smarter they make you harder to teach” my dad referred to such people as “dumb intellectuals” he was an engineer with military school and military background who barely tolerated college bs.

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Victor This Guy @This_guy
05 December, 11:24
In response Elizabeth Griff to her Publication
Dr's will never learn another thing once they know everything.
Fuck them. I hear the young dr's are dying mas rapido! ok with this. They were jabbed. They had to learn somehow. 👏🧐
Or was it an iron thing?
A triple reverse mindfuck should clear ALL that up. 😐
...(vampires body dont produce iron)
...(yet they have elevated iron levels) 🧐
Adrenachrome and President Trump's vax dont mix well.
...consider the possibility that ♡ Nothing is as it seems ♡.
Im at peace with this.

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Elizabeth Griff @Elizabeast
05 December, 07:02
In response Victor This Guy to his Publication
i have been a nurse 32 years. the min DJT spoke of HCQ i instinctively knew, every last person in healthcare only knew what we were allowed to know. i find your hate displaced. those of us still there holding the broken peices of humanity trying to bring light to the aftermath. the standards of care now forced on healthcare instead of checking sources started in the 90s. they are not even old enough to to have been taught how to vet sources and data for themselves. the new young drs were indoctrinated as were our children. they are our children.

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Age of Enlightenment @Sparrows
05 December, 08:31
In response Elizabeth Griff to her Publication
This is truly what they had working against them. Their careers were traps from day one. EXCEPT they have a brain, a heart...blanket excuses for them give no credence to the brave PHD's, MD's, Nurses, inventors, manufactors, family members, patients, etc. that lost jobs, careers, loved ones & their own lives laboring to get the facts out, because for the most part, humanity BAILED on the very ones who were struggling to awaken family, friends, peers to the plot afoot. It's sad to say, but compliant medical professionals are adrift in a sea of destruction & the hurricane cometh.

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Age of Enlightenment @Sparrows
06 December, 08:23
In response Elizabeth Griff to her Publication
I don't, but it looks like Nuremburg trials are going to. I have multiple relatives in healthcare. Been sending stuff to my nephew in hopes it would help him avoid traps. WW2 hezthcare workers were held accountable for murder. I don't expect this genocide to be resolved without similar events. Except this time those caught in the execution of the genocide is to the hundredth power. NUMBERS ARE GOING TO BE SOOOOOOOOO MUCH LARGER THAN WW2.

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Elizabeth Griff @Elizabeast
06 December, 12:58
In response Age of Enlightenment to her Publication
you say very strong things that do not sound enlightened. these “healthcare workers” where are they? still hiding somewhere in the system or another one. i stood and fought for my right to decline vaccine and for others to. i shared documentation, i openly expressed dissenting opinion. when one of our contractors asked for my vax record i handed in my badge and fired my primary care and ortho who were in their system told them that they can not deny something is wrong here and i will not pay them to do harm to me and my family. i was kicked off asshole nurses page for spreading truth. i fired my gyno when she told me she read the pfizer docs and still rec the vax. i told her i will not have a healthcare provider who is either a liar or a monster. i taught my coworkers how to apply for religious exemptions. i made a lot of people uncomfortable. i even took a demotion, they do not think i know why. i am very ready to be unemployed. for now, am im still fighting. they quit. not heros

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