Red-pilled and mind-blown by Eustace Mullins, a long time ago, in a different world. One foot down the rabbithole, one foot on The High Road

Woke Marxists talk endlessly about the need to "destigmatize" this, "normalize" that, "affirm" this other thing, and "celebrate" whatever they say is best. They want you to think that these things are all the same, though, and any one who doesn't take the slider all the way from "destigmatize" to "celebrate" on any of their causes célèbre is somehow a conservative (or a bigot or a "Nazi"). In fact, these gradations are necessary to a healthy society, and their boundaries must be understood and maintained.

In this episode of New Discourses Bullets, host James Lindsay breaks down the relevant categories and gives concrete examples of things that belong and do not belong in each. His goal is to add clarity to all discussions made muddy, murky, and ultimately dangerous by Woke Marxist activism that benefits from blurring the lines and making those slopes slippery.

In response MATTHEW Bissanti to his Publication

Let's not forget that

We really can't make ANY judgements about anybody
& that includes the truth about Senator Edward Kennedy.

Not sayin' you're not correct, Matthew,
just suggesting we withhold judgement
until we know the truth
about who is a Black or White Hat
double or triple agent
including who is a man &/or a woman!! 😹💞

Much has been written about the Kennedy family
& I'd wager most of it is bollocks!

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Wow, check out the comments on that post! Not a single positive among them. I live in PA and we're screwed. RINO Oz or Fetterman.

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Who is that person putting an ad??? I tried to block them and it came up with a weird error..Hmmm

Anyway, sorry to hear that Diane, I hope this helps..💞 Here is what I found:


Please have your friends (or you can do for them) a little more research with what I found here but to definitely speak to their Dr (or a Dr that will know about this treatment and willing to try it) It looks very promising..🙏 God bless them all


#wwg1wga#TheGreatAwakening#Nothingcanstopwhatiscoming#GodWins 🍿🍊

RNA for Moderna’s Omicron Booster Manufactured by CIA-Linked Company

Since late last year, RNA for Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccines, including its recently reformulated Omicron booster, has been exclusively manufactured by a little known company with significant ties to US intelligence.

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In response Robert Wakefield to his Publication

They aren't even putting them in Foster Homes
anymore... Just read about a 14 yr old who was
housed in a Hotel, full of kids...

The CPS agent suggested she should consider
prostitution, when the child asked for food.

So happy God & Q found moment by moment...very glad I have love, joy, peace & faith because God lives in me & that's him

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I'll be back fully later next week. (Gematria)

Have You Considered There Are No Coincidences
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This board has more power than you can imagine.
They are ALWAYS watching.
What a coincidence.
💚Six Seven Two
Will go viral
💜Seven Two Six
Over the TARGET.
💚Six Two Seven
What a coincidence.

Writing On The Wall
They Ate The Forbidden Fruit And Think They Are Gods
She Doesnt See Whats Happening Around Her
They See What You Did
Teach Me To Love Like God Does
Wintertime Salvation
Real Zimm Lost Everything
Wont Tolerate Satan Anymore

The Truth Is A Force Of Nature
Most Beautiful Voice In Heaven
The Resurrection Of Christ
Were Getting Those Diamonds Back
Jesus Will You Be My Teacher
Area Fifty One Truth Is Out
Antichrist Killer Bit
I Love You More More And More
Our Children Are Our Future
Jesus Death And Resurrection

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Just a friendly reminder that we've all been poisoned, that diseases, syndromes (like sudden infant, sudden teenager, sudden adult, sudden any age death), conditions, and maladies are not normal at any age and at any point in our history, ever, and God doesn't make junk.

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Out of conflict, Comradeship is borne.

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check out the digi's on that ;P

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Imagine that? 🤔💩

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Can someone explain what I'm feeling, as I can't really understand it fully?

I love doing crafty things. Cross stitch is one of those things. I saw a pattern, and I'm going to make it for someone here on AU, who loves Koi fish. I don't know the person's name or how to get it to them, I just feel that I need to do it.

Has anyone had a similar strange calling like this?

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let's not forget that before jfk, the kennedy family was criminal. and after, just look to the bloated beast ted kennedy

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