Robert Wakefield @Robertauthor
05 December, 03:26

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Alcyone 777 @Alcyone
05 December, 03:34
In response Robert Wakefield to his Publication
Why did a Q drops say "Your Families Are Safe. Promise." ?

Was it just families in the U.S.?

Praying for parents to start comparing notes, talking with each other and having the courage to end the genocide of their children.


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Courtney Webster @Patriot777_
05 December, 09:05
In response Alcyone 777 to her Publication
i think it meant if you believe in God which all Q followers are supposed to, then you are saved by God the Father in Heaven. thats what the post means.
if you truly love, trust, follow, listen to God he will tell you not to engage w any covid shots, he will truly save you and your family. i love this Q post because i love Jesus and he is saving me from this health crisis i am in. even tho THIS IS FROM A VACCINE back when i did not have God. so deep. if your family members truly love God they will believe them when you look into their eyes and say listen to me do not take that shot. trust me. they will say ok, God will save your lives. any other circumstance God is not able to save them because they just dont believe. theres no other explanation.🙏😍♥️

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