Robert Wakefield @Robertauthor
05 December, 03:26

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Alcyone 777 @Alcyone
05 December, 03:34
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Why did a Q drops say "Your Families Are Safe. Promise." ?

Was it just families in the U.S.?

Praying for parents to start comparing notes, talking with each other and having the courage to end the genocide of their children.


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Tao Of Smoo @TaoOfSmoo
05 December, 08:50
In response Alcyone 777 to her Publication
Remember the LA black hawk raid a few years back? That was the bubonic plague our mil prevented from being unleashed to kill millions of us. That was a real pandemic being planned.

However, as with covid, esp when Trump said he took HCQ, then later said he took the vax (which a 5 min search showed that CDC defined HCQ as a vaccine, so he meant the same thing) - this flu shot was a voluntary event.

In other words...covid (likely brought on by the previous Fall’s (2019) flu shot) and this flu shot tragedy were/are avoidable (unlike a bubonic plaque).

The casualites in these cases are self-inflicted (for the most part as seniors/children are victims of evil or ignorant medical staff/family/corporate/other adults).

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Tao Of Smoo @TaoOfSmoo
Your families are safe if you use your brain.
08:51 PM - Dec 05, 2022
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