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Four angles of the Balongan oil refinery explosion

So, this just happened...

Any ideas?

Just had sort of an interesting thought...

What if the vaccines are even more dangerous than the VAERS data shows, but one objective of Operation Warp Speed was to covertly intercept and replace the actual Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, etc. vax with a placebo shot, and the only reports we’re seeing of adverse reactions are from batches that somehow unfortunately made it through?

Does this seem plausible to anyone else?


A message from Janet Ossebaard (Fall Cabal) to all of you on Freedom Day!

White House live cam is glitching out tonight

First time I've seen it malfunction like this

ON Y/T STRIKE 2 THRU 13APR (Appeal pending) Visit our website for up to date uncensored content & to join our EMAIL LIST to be notified.

Just so its on record!


I like Ron.

I am not Q either.

I have never spoken to Q.

I don't know the names of the less-than-two-handfuls of military or civilian members of the Q team.

Q is a security clearance within the government / Intel agencies.

The Q Group was around well before 2017, reported by The Guardian in 2013, and associated with part of the NSA's internal police force - or what may have started out as such...

NSA/USG doesn't allow citizens to impersonate them. (See Austin Steinbart arrest/court docs).

This leaves two potential conclusions based on the above FACTS;

1. NSA/IC's psy-op'd 100M Americans + Billions of global Patriots to force a Great Awakening II


2. NSA/IC's/Guardians of Intelligence allowed a 4 year psyop against Americans + global Patriots to go un-checked to pacify the masses?...

If we were already asleep and you are thinking option#2 was actually necessary and they didn't makes things much much worse, expos

I firmly believe we're almost there, but I swear... if nothing happens soon and Dan Scavino posts a clip of a plane landing, and the next day it being taxied to the gate, and then people entering the terminal, then stopping at the restroom, and then pretzel time, and then luggage pickup, and then ordering an uber, and then cancelling for long wait times for not enough drivers and calling a friend who they think might be the least annoyed about picking them up... I'm going to lose my mind entirely.

The fakes are becoming more obvious by the day

Everyone I love has already taken the Moderna vax.

I shared more than enough information to deter any reasonable person from becoming a guinea pig for gene therapy. Unfortunately, they were too steeped in the psychological fallout from the most extensive, evil crusade of terrorism ever carried out against humanity.

This marks the point in my life where I learned how to pray.

Bloody Sunday


They are being forced into the light for all to see.
Keep faith in Humanity.
Keep faith in Yourself.
Light of the World.

Anyone have any thoughts on this dream I had last night?

Nothing major, just making a possible connection.

check this video..Superbowl half time!

Redpill Daily Dose Ep. 99 - Wonderland

Amazing decode on Patrick Byrne comms


Everything Wrong with the Capitol Shooting in 21 Minutes or Less
Must watch - please share!

A friend (who’s still blue pilled) sent me this.

For obvious reasons I’m not able to say what organization they work for, and they aren’t authorized to specify which corporation - just add this as another indication that big things are happening behind the scenes.

I've lived my life with love and compassion for my family, friends, and fellow man. Like anyone else, I've had moments of weakness and found myself asking for forgiveness when I strayed from the path, but I have always made my way back towards the light.

One day, countless others with a similar story woke up to discover they had become extremists and domestic terrorists over night... not for hate in their heart, but for love of country.



A hopeful message from Anon:

Reports streaming in of numerous adverse effects from vaccine. Reported in real time from around the US.

Page after page of death caused by vaccine.

Site is now down for "maintenance":

This link may save lives. Share with your loved ones if they're still asleep.

Far more important than red pilling them on anything else. (You can't save the children if you're dead.)

Do NOT take the experimental mRNA vaccine
It takes ~10 years to develop a safe vaccine

They're trying to cull the herd