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Anely Livensy

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Here to support our president DONALD TRUMP #Trump #maga #supportourpresident

Breaking Video from DR.Zelenko Talking about the lates formula - METICOR !

Dr. Zelenko is one of the most inspiring human beings I’ve had the opportunity to meet.

Dr. Zelenko risk his life and everything just for you !

He’s a true American hero fighting two life and death battles: One is for the life and liberty of all people. The other battle he’s fighting is for his own life.

Through his quest to heal himself, he’s discovered a formula of over the counter vitamins and medicines and shared his protocol for free with the world. For the countless lives he’s saved, Dr. Zelenko was nominated for the Noble Peace Prize.

Now, to make it more accessible and affordable to reach more people, Dr. Zelenko has packaged his potent protocol into a capsule METICOR

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They can ban us from everywhere but we will find a way to win! Marjorie Taylor Greene need OUR SUPPORT!

Today our flags wave high for the brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedom. We thank you and we salute you.#MemorialDay

Married, with 4 adult sons who are all Patriots! ( will follow back)

“If you think that wearing a mask is protecting you from COVID, you are deluded.”

Think of all the companies, States and Federal agencies all the way up to BidAn, that are still conspiring against We the People. We need to fight back.

Formally known as 1RedCracker, God Lovin’ Bible toting, Gun slinging, Crusader of Truth! I support DJT! Navy Vet~Not looking for Love 💕

Amen 🙌🏻❤️🇺🇸