Lawful vs [unlawful], SaveTheChildren,Physics to life force, truth a force of nature, discern what is true, audit, satire?

When you are working for corrupted governments, corporations, businesses, you have parasitic energy fields, you are a parasite on humanity.,
This is de-soulment, depleting your life force energy..
When you are supporting whether direct or silently supporting anyone part of corruption, crimes against humanity, treason, you are aligning with parasitic energy fields.
You can not fake your connections, de-soulment is fractioning, separating your soul from your physical body, this is unhealthy, dangerous, out of alignment.

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Governments forcing colour of LAW on Sovereign people without lawful contract is forcing slavery, is human trafficking.

Do you have corrupted family members, friends, people you know in your communities?
Corrupted, negative energies, families, friends, and others are dangerous for your health.
Many are not going to wake up, beating dead horses, going down with the ship.
At this point its to late for large amounts of people.

Lawful vs [unlawful], SaveTheChildren,Physics to life force, truth a force of nature, discern what is true, audit, satire?

In response Law & Physics to her Publication

There is a choice, honest lawful elections or treason.

1/We The People need to file election petitions.

2/The legislator has a choice, if they do not act we have to go to the executive branch.

We need to follow Due process of Law.

Drain the swamp...Follow the LAW, learn what rights are, the laws of nature at the root of LAW, following Due process of LAW, need to serve the proper paperwork.

We are at War folks, election fraud is an act of War.
Declared tyranny.
This is internal insurrection, this is treason, election fraud, de-facto governments are domestic violence.

Misprision of treason

American patriot living on a rock in the middle of the Atlantic

In response Nanette NYPatriot to her Publication

The enemy is horrific, treacherous, treasonous and will lock us all down. This is greater than political farce, this is communism that was bought and paid for BY OUR OWN TRAITORS.

Wikipedia updated James Baker’s page to include he committed treason by suppressing the Hunter Biden laptop story

I'm an old fashioned woman, the kind with a WOMB! Army Vet, daughter, sister, mom, grandma, best friend. #WWG1WGAWW #FamilyISEverything

I have a question in regards the the journalist that spread the constant lies...would they too be guilty of#Treason?
EX...this nut job
Tristan Snell
The guilty verdict vs the Trump Organization today was for a few million in tax fraud for exec compensation.

The next case in NY vs the Trumps is for $250 MILLION in fraud -- and it's a civil case, so the NY AG doesn't need to prove intent, or beyond a reasonable doubt.

and this nut case

Jon Cooper
BREAKING: The Trump Organization was just found GUILTY of scheming to defraud, tax fraud, and conspiracy.

Quarendo Invenietis. Blahoslavení, kteří neviděli, ale uvěřili.



Retired from many life experiences... military, public relations, financial services advisor, fitness advisor - student of golf... Trump!

The media/the left and never trumpers have come out with the spin DT said the Constitution should be terminated (well, he didn't say that)_...
But -
All the above are NOW (finally) coming out stating that the Constitution is absolutely the law of the land...
From the CMTSU file - LOL
Now the above have to prove that! Like being here undocumented is illegal (according to the Constitution)... And, cheating in elections is fraud. And, colluding with foreign governments in our elections is TREASON...
Now - since 'they' are proclaiming their dedication to the Constitution - let's see it!

In response Keri Alexander to her Publication

And ropes for treasonous traders.

I'm a humbly blessed American patriot & mixed Native American, who's forever thankful to have been born in such a grand Free land as t

My own assertions w/what is happening in America today is that We the Peoples readdress of grievances have been intentionally set aside with, out & outright disdain from MANY enemy terrorists in our government today, particularly w/the current traitorous administration. We can no longer just sit back apathetically and complacent, allowing this treasonous dysfunction to continue contrary to our sovereign Constitutional rights! To do nothing changes absolutely nothing! All in all, as a reminder, a plethora of us American patriots took a solemn oath before GOD & country; to defend our Constitution against ALL enemies foreign & DOMESTIC. None of US have been properly relieved of this continued duty/oath. With that stated, something MUST be accomplished soon to stop these high crimes & treason from continuing unchecked, before We the People no longer have a sovereign constitutional republic. HOOAH!

Hey treasonous communist-democrat/RINO minions! Looks like We The People have had ENOUGH of your criminal BS!

Fed-up gas station gets tough: Hires guards packing AR-15s

Hey Traitor Joe and your treasonous communist-democrat/rino comrades! You and your fellow traitors might want to think long and hard before your next tyrannical move....

"There are estimated to be over 400 Million guns in the U.S. between police, the military, and American civilians. Over 393 Million, (over 98%), of these guns are in civilian hands."

How to address treasonous communist-democrats and rino's. You were saying?:

Dad, Guitarist, Patriot. Truth 'n MAGA ~ Music link below

In response USA DAR to his Publication proves theres lots of scumbags who will commit treason on the lower rungs of the swamp! Its the citizen representatives in the election aparatus....and the union workers. 👏🧐

paper ballots + treason laws would be good

but we have “new narratives “ instead….

Second gentleman yeah cuz them high treason clowns are both dudes, FFS>

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