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Open minded

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"Take a look at a castle. Any castle. Now break down the key elements that make it a castle. They haven't changed in a thousand years. 1: Location. A site on high ground that commands the territory as far as the eye can see. 2: Protection. Big walls, walls strong enough to withstand a frontal attack. 3: A garrison. Men who are trained and willing to kill. 4: A flag. You tell your men you are soldiers and that's your flag. You tell them nobody takes our flag. And you raise that flag so it flies high where everyone can see it. Now you've got yourself a castle."
— Lt. Gen. Eugene Irwin, The Last Castle
Now think Gen Flynn and it makes more sense.

We should cut back on pre-shredded cheese and Make America 'Grate' Again.

Dark to Light

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HOLY CRAP PEOPLE!.. this is huge.

I'm just finding out now that the US Military Bio-labs that Putin 'Bunker Bustered' in Ukraine were being run by none other than the CIA front company 'EcoHealth Aliiance'.

YEP!.. the same company who did 'function gain' modifications on the Coronavirus for FAUCI (NIAIDS) & COLLINS (NIH) in WUHAN!!!!

AND, whose CEO is none other than Peter Daszak - the same guy who just admitted he's a CIA operative to one of his employees, who just went public two weeks ago as a Whistleblower for EcoHealth-Alliance!

That explains a lot of reactions we are seeing from the west. Their pissed, because Putin just 'blew' any chance of them fielding another pandemic on us - a final nail in the coffin of the cabal.


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Just FYI:

This is the most credible theory I've encountered regarding the Ukraine situation, and jives with Putin saying he was "forced" to do what he did. Also jives with Zelensky saying Russians were firing at “military installations.”

Update: This account was just suspended so you know it's true.

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This is not a drill
I repeat this is not a drill.
Today shit gets super real on a world wide scale.
Retaliation soon afterwards.
Many people are going to die.
buy as much as you can and keep your kids home from school the next few days/week.
Verification incoming soon.
You might have as little as 6 hours, that is 12 noon EST
Maybe up to a few days but do not take chances.
You will learn so much today.
They will be bringing the pain like this world has never seen.
U.N., NATO, England, Australia, Germany and Canada have turned against us.
U.N. and NATO Troops will legally enter America under the guise of humanitarian aid.
All immigrants brought in during Bidens term have been U.N. and NATO troops along with soon to be terrorist instigators that will attack at least 60 major cities in the U.S.
WW numbers not counting and countries or military's is around 20 million.
It is Freedom Force that will take responsiblity.
They are CIA, FBI, Antifa and radical BLM along with almos

Doing my part in helping restore freedom to America while kicking evil in the ass. Guided by God the Father, Jesus Christ & my ancestors!

Hillary realizes she got caught...😂😂😂

🇺🇸I ❤️God, Family and America🇺🇸 Been lurking and learning since 2016, first Q drop, and CBTS. 🙏 Psalm 23 🙏 #GodWins #LoveTrump

In response Doq Holliday to his Publication

Every now and again, to check the vibe factor going on there. I deleted account, then went back~ keeping only a small handful of accounts to follow. Like GeorgeNews, ilDonaldoTrumpo, Flynn etc.

washington needs help they about to go full communist mode and out us in concentration camps!!