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Knowledge is power

Psychic, Light Worker, White Witch, Healer, One With God, Trumpet, and a Loud One at That

Ok folks, I'm officially out of resources. My bank account has been hacked drained and credit run up in my name. I can't access my own finances. They're going to shut me down, but you can keep spreading the message. I have some agents working on my behalf but beating their electronic system is too big a job for us. I'll keep working until I can't access the net. I love you all. Blessed be and see you at The Jubilee.#wwg1wga#GodWins#TheGreatAwakening

Lover of my God, My Jesus, My Holy Spirit, my family and my country

Common sense, Constitution, Freedom, Liberty, Free Speech, Nesara, Medical Freedom, Privacy, Brotherhood, Higher Vibration, God and Peace!

This is Zander Fuerza. He is an outspoken member of antifa and he was just arrested for child pornography. The media is NOT covering this story!!

A memer here to fight for Trump! Banned from Twitter and YT twice each. Took the pledge. WWG1WGA Q 1A/2A PATRIOT Salty Army Savage IFBAP

GOOD MORNING FAMILY! Full 47 min interview HERE on my Bitchute channel. Crimes Against Humanity and why you shouldn't get vaccinated.


What A Day! An it’s not even close to over!

U.S. Marshals Announce Rewards for 10 'Most Wanted' Homicidal Fugitives...


Hold the line, let's get this done!! #WWG1WGA

COVID-19 vaccine deaths already account for 21% of all deaths reported to the CDC. This a great doc to save.

He never should have had the chance for a 2nd attempt.

Digital Soldier🇺🇸 WWG1WGA 🌏Survivor 🇺🇸Dog Lover♥️ MAGA🇺🇸 GOD WINS🙏 Great Awakening!!! I'm here 4 TRUMP

This is insane, where are the media on this? Imagine this against any other race?
It would be headline news everywhere!
#BuckleUp This is just getin started