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21 February, 09:27

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Joe Qanada UM @realToddEJones
16 February, 12:03
Here comes your Fav Politician to save the day! #AnotherCON

Look who just announced he is going to run for Canada's Next Crime Minister

Pierre could have EASILY been one of the MP's that DIDN'T Vote for the Paris Accord Scam!

But he wasn't
Sorry Canada

We won't be able to VOTE ourselves out of this mess of corruption!

Elections are RIGGED

277 MP's Voted to STEAL your Tax Dollars, Trillions!
Pierre Included

Pierre's PM Tweet

Here is the vote
See for yourself

See if your MP voted YES...
There were several (apporx 27) who didn't vote!
For example, of note: Max Bernier did NOT vote either way!

(MP Names In First Comment!)

The Paris Accord used our $$$ for #crimesagainstchildren


Chapter 27.5

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Kris Williams @KrisWilliams
01 February, 09:47
Pepe Peepers


Texas Man Arrested in Alaska, Sentenced for Producing Child Pornography

#crimesagainstchildren #CrimesAgainstHumanity

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Lizzy MJax @DizzyLizzy
30 January, 09:49
You knew China has done sex-selective abortions for decades but did you know that happens regularly in the US, too -- almost always favoring boys and aborting girls?

And there are other ways that baby girls in the US are killed before they're even born.

Where is the feminist outrage against that?

#crimesagainstchildren #CrimesAgainstGirls

https://www.thegatewaypund... 😲😲

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TheStormIsHere NOW @theyRcoming
26 January, 08:14
"I was actually trafficked at 14. It was from my middle school. I think I was groomed, honestly, online for a long time from 11 to 14."
--A survivor of child trafficking in Miami

A few points to note from what she says:

--She wasn't abducted or snatched off the street.
--She was groomed.
--She was groomed online.
--She was groomed online while living at home and being homeschooled.
--The grooming process took a "long time"--from age 11 to 14.

This is how devious the grooming and recruiting process is that kids and parents might not even realize it's happening.


Human trafficking victim talks about her experience at Miami forum
Trafficked at 14, a young woman talked about being a victim during a forum in Miami.

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