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Just a Patriot rejoining

Not a scientist, nor do I claim to be one...I do NOT comply with illegal mandates...Anti-communist...Trump won...WWG1WGA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 🍻🍻🍻

FULL faith in my Savior Jesus Christ! Trump Loyalist. JFK fan. Blessed to be part of The Great Awakening. WWG1WGA! #FamilyIsEverything

In response Sarah Connor to her Publication

I played a show tonight and after playing Kentucky Rain by Elvis (Eddie Rabbitt wrote it) I said “thank you”. And then I said, “Actually anytime I play an Elvis song I need to end it with “Thank you very much.”

./ with POTUS tonight! ❤️🕶

Patriot of Earth. We ARE Freedom. WWG1WGA

A lifetime knowing in our hearts there must be more to life.
So very thankful we now have that certainty that we were destined to find out the truth.

Waiting patiently for the set sequence.

(From drop 51)

MAGA🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸Trump Won🇺🇸🇺🇸WWG1WGA 🙏🏻Save The Children🙏🏻 💛💛Trump is Still my President💛💛 PLEASE no DM’s

Just a girl who loves God, family, friends, animals, holistic living, numbers, Q, POTUS 45, JFK Jr.... "The best is yet to come!"

Looking forward to this...💥🔥⚡👊 Jesus is Love, but He also has this side to Him -- the Mighty Lion of Judah! At the appointed time, there's going to be some major "table-flipping"...

In response Diane Goldman to her Publication

His name is evil. And if we all don't "call it out," well, WWG1WGA.

This is a literal fight to the death. Either evil "dies," or we will.

Shared on TRUTH Social with me...interesting 6.24 connection!

1st QtheGathering was April 13-17, Easter! Supporter of Q& Q+,Vets, Family& Soul Tribe Vibes! Gratitude & Love for God, Jesus, Mother Mary

I'm a conservative & patriotic Trumpster who lives in the Sunflower State of KANSAS, a pro-life Christian, retired & happily married. 💔

Served my country in the 80s-90s. Proud husband and father. Always asking questions. Looking for the truth.

I stand with President Trump and patriots WW! #GodWins 🙏


Red Pilled for 30+ years.🐸 Exposing Govt Corruption, Fraud & the NWO. Truth Seeker✨ USAF Veteran✈️ #WWG1WGA🌎 #GodWins🕊️ #SaveAmerica 🇺🇸


ChildOfGod⛪Patriot🇺🇸FreedomFighter🗽DigitalSoldier 👩‍💻WWG1WGAWW🌎T410-B128🤟Covfefe is "In the end we win."✝️God woke you for a reason!

🔴Poll: By 51% to 23%, YouGov reports Americans say major companies should *not* take a public position on abortion

In response Doq Holliday to his Publication

ya! we've been told a few times :)

TheClock IsTicking, [6/26/2022 11:47 AM]
[Forwarded from MissPATRIOTChelseagirl (MissPATRIOTChelseagirl)]
The AG of AZ and his nunchucks are going DOWN! 🤣🍿

RINO AZ Attorney General Mark Brnovich Tells Voters At AZ Senate Candidate Forum: "JUST SHUT THE HELL UP ALRIGHT? Let Me Just Talk" (VIDEO)

H/T: Jo and the Ho Gotta Go✨

Patriot 🇺🇸 UnTested, UnMasked, UnVaxed, NeverSick ❤️ Youth Health Strength Infinite Goddess Sovereign Free 🕊 And so it is 🙏🏻



Patriot 🇺🇸 UnTested, UnMasked, UnVaxed, NeverSick ❤️ Youth Health Strength Infinite Goddess Sovereign Free 🕊 And so it is 🙏🏻

In response Liz McMurray to her Publication

In 2017, before the Army of Digital Soldiers,
Anons & Patriots was assembled
when most were still asleep
to what was going on in our world —
the D.U.M.B.S, children, trafficking, satan-worship, sacrifice,
Masonic D.C., U.K., Vatican,
active & ongoing Military Ops,
total corruption in every facet of this prison;
governments, finances, medicine, science, business,
education, entertainment, MSM, etc.

When the demons were still running the matrix
& White Hat lives were at risk
Q posts were puzzles because
the understandable %s for this war were
80% covert
20% public.

NOW — all the upper demons are gone.
Arrested, tried, imprisoned or executed.

NOW many of the minions are gone too
or else Q couldn't be so obvious in posts.

NOW Q can start to let it rip.

BTW, the reason for arrests BEFORE public disclosure
the ONLY safe place for the monsters
is prison or death 💥

In a constitutional republic your rights are (in principle) protected even if every single citizen personally or privately disapproves of you exercising your rights. In a democracy, you need to go along with the mob, or they will turn on you. Republics protect vulnerable minorities from exploitation and attack, but they also stop aggressive intolerant minorities leveraging victimhood into power.

Voting is merely a mechanism, a bit like the press that makes a newspaper; it's not something that is associated with either a democracy or a republic (or even a totalitarian state). Just like how the press can work for freedom or fascism, voting can be used to different ends.

In a republic, you aim to minimise the power of the state, so the primary role of voting isn't to get good government, but to stop bad government. In a democracy, voting is used to accumulate power for factions, and circumvent free will; it's inherently violent. Totalitarian "voting" gives an illusion of choice.

God does not pick weak men to do his work...............