Alex Jones was set as an example.

BREAKING: Alex Jones Ordered to Pay Additional $45M to Sandy Hook Family, Totaling Almost $50M

hes MOSSAD tho 😂😂😂

right so the conspiracy to defraud the public of truth continues. more ammo to be used against anons. Sandy Hook was blab blah blah. Look AJ was ordered to pay 45 mil ! Set Up. Instead of fighting tooth and nail he caved. Intentional. MOSSAD PSYOP.

just like Mikey 7 Rays Flynn sued Dominion for 50 million but kept the names of everybody involved in the fraud a secret.

In response Mr. Deeds to his Publication

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In response Shareef Twal to his Publication


In response Shareef Twal to his Publication

ofcourse there's much more to this.
this sentence will sent a message to the other "truthers".

if Alex is Mossad wouldn't be surprising since almost all of US Government is under Israeli control.
They all bow their heads to Israel while sending monthly checks paid by US taxpayers.

In response Mr. Deeds to his Publication

he made so much money off his supplements. i wonder where that money went.

precisely why Israel is being saved for last.

80-90% of congressman/senators are dual israeli citizens. Its OBVIOUS Y. Transnational Global Ctime Syndicate.

The TRUTH will set us free !

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In response Shareef Twal to his Publication

Alex Jones was one of the first to wake my husband and I up. However, it always bothered us that he was an Israel supporter. When he said something very ugly about the Palestinians, we stopped watching him. I don't know if he is actually Mossad, but I wouldn't be surprised if he was compromised by them. I still feel sorry for him in this instance, because he was right. Sandy Hook was a hoax. I did a huge amount of research, and I read a lot about Wolfgang Halbig's research. They attacked him constantly.

In response Meeka Stella to her Publication

its all about gun control, they are after our guns since 1961.

almost all (school) shootings are very questionable. Think "Columbine", the Aurora shooting and Sandy Hook ofcourse.
most of the time one of the parents of these kids where involved in some government related projects.

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