Freedom Rally today in Toronto . 🙏🏼🇨🇦
Nothing can stop what is coming… 🇺🇸🦅
The narrative is falling apart in REAL TIME .
Where We Go One, We Go ALL Patriots!!!

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eep opp ork ahah because the world need more love in it listen Hopi elders and know their prophecy TRUST GOD THE CREATOR and pray

The press is showing the normies that they are the enemy.

They think we are stupid, Truckers convoy in snowy conditions to protest road conditions.

5(pics) 4 that show the truth

US Navy veteran, live in caregiver for my 97 yo Mother, Nana and Great Nana

It will never even occur to the minds of so-called "society" that we the people are moving away from them as fast as we can. We will never again join them in the MK mind control. We have turned off all MSM outlets - not because we had to but because we CHOSE to. Our position in this world is now SELF MADE and not MSM made. You in society have actually become a huge danger to all free thinking and acting individuals. We know enough about your aims and actions to keep as far away from your society as humanly possible.

have you seen the amount of trucks heading to Ottawa??? Yuge!

Independent Patriot*Suspended on Twitter*Reiki Master*Starbeing*Vegetarian* #Patriot #SaveOurChildren #Arkansas #greatawakening

I know it's tough in a lot of places but I really feel for the Cannucks so best wishes & luck

In response Starry Peacock to her Publication

Intl Common law court issued arrest warrants across Canada

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