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“Fake Fauci” not really quite sure why Texas numbers are dropping after going mask free!


If you’re having a bad day, pull up some recent Fauci videos and look at his neck.

White Hats are making it obvious.

Yup the guy in the video isn't the real Dr. Fraudci. Same with Pelosi and others. As frustrating as it is, we are really watching a movie. Just wish it would end soon!

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I would like to see the "real" ones eyelids; but the glasses are blocking the view. People always say the current "Fauci" has eyes in a hole.

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There is one more comparison to make that, to me, is very telling. The eyes. In "real" the eyes are cold and unyielding. In "double" the eyes are kind, grandfather-like. The saying "the eyes are the window to the soul" is not just a fluke.

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I see that in Biden. The “real” one’s eyes are evil.

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Yes, I too wish it would be done. All we can do at this point is not react to their nonsense. They still have many fooled unfortunately.

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Slouchi Fooked
Lookee at the back

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The longer they drag out this movie, the more blood on the hands of whoever in the hell produced this entire scam. Holy Christ....."Enjoy the Show"? On what planet? And we better see Anthony Rigatoni Fauci hang! SEEING is BELIEVING!