Interesting belt buckle the “nurse” who gave the Queen her “vaccine shot” today was wearing ⤵️

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Dig for that photo. I saw that pic back in spring in tw**ts about the queen and her cabal connections. I cant find it much has been scrubbed...but this is an old photo!

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yes I saw it too. that belt is kinda unforgettable

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Nurse Ratchet over there...

Isaiah 54: 17 🇺🇸💛🙏 Isaiah 54: 17 🇺🇸💛🙏 Isaiah 54: 17 🇺🇸💛🙏

You needed to include Quotation marks around Queen as well...😝🤣

Thats from the LIDO wing where Kate was giving birth to one of her kids.
The Queen is a Freemason via Scottish Rite.

She is also a Nith Circle satanist.

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yea, shes supposed to be 94? get outta her looked at old picture of queenie and you can literally watch her start to get younger.

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Rosy Parks you were not kidding. Holy crap. She did wear the same dress worn in Rosemarys baby when presenting her first born. And yes, that pic of the queen is old. This is extremely disturbing for anyone who saw that movie.

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Queen has been dead for years thankfully. 😇😌

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The. symbol on the left size of the belt is the Masons

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The symbol on the right is the Eastern Star, the branch of the Masons for women

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Queen is dead

Now, when "Queenie" clo{w}ne gets the shot, you know we`re getting near the end.......... not much longer folks!!!

is the queens badge the hail hydra symbol lol

I wonderr if this nurse evens knows what this part of her uniform even represents

Whoa, front and center. No missing that... is she a wrestler on her days off?

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Getting more hilarious by the minute, why the normal people can't see through this shit is is is .... I don't even know what to say!!! hehehhehe!

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It has been this batshit crazy all along. Go back, seach for the pictures of Kate coming out carrying the first child. Now compare with the dress from the film Rosemarys baby. Conincidence?

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