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The Deepest State: Beyond international politics, a more ominous plan unfolds. Shockingly, evidence suggests that the Deep State, through a collaboration of DARPA, CIA, HAARP, and DNC, is plotting the most significant earthquake in U.S. history. From the northern reaches of Canada to the sun-soaked shores of California and beyond to Mexico, the West Coast is purportedly in the crosshairs.
• California’s Impending Catastrophe: Prepare for the unthinkable, as whispers intensify regarding a looming catastrophe in California. Deep dark operations are allegedly underway to orchestrate a seismic event of unprecedented magnitude. The motive? To manipulate elections, induce mass panic, control the news cycle, and enact draconian laws under the guise of tackling Internet disinformation. Are we on the brink of witnessing a seismic shift not just in the physical landscape but in the socio-political realm?
04:42 PM - Jun 22, 2024
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