Lisa Groenewoud @VictoryOfTheLight369
The House aims to hold procedural votes Wednesday afternoon (today) with final action expected in the evening. It would then send the bill to the Senate, where Democratic Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Senate Republican leader McConnell are working for passage by week’s end.

Justice Thomas must enter here somewhere

09:00 AM - May 31, 2023
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MATTHEW Bissanti @markerdragon
31 May, 09:06
In response Lisa Groenewoud to her Publication
Does anyone actually respect the government anymore? Sorry but if you cannot see that everything in bill to raise debt is evil. Every sentence. Every point. Then you are massively naive and brainwashed. Defund the sociopathic idiots.

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CM_ Patriot @IMPatriotRU
31 May, 09:30
In response MATTHEW Bissanti to his Publication
my local government is relatively good, but the swamp needs to be cleaned

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