Ron The Best is Yet to Come @Ringo4maga
25 May, 11:54 (E)
Not surprised it's all a ruse space x rocket blows up on pad in Texas

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25 May, 06:00
Needs to be translated.

A methylene blue dyster dishes, known among people as Synka, can destroy the coronavirus in the human body. This conclusion was made by Russian scientists from Sechenov University

In the course of experimental treatment, patients diagnosed with COVID-19 and different degrees of lung damage fully recovered. In a group of volunteers who took methylene blue for the purpose of prevention, no one became ill.

Since the 19th century, MC has been used as an antimalarial drug. It is equally effective against all types of this parasitic disease

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Risolutor Technologies @Risolutortechnologies
25 May, 12:34
Top Trends in Mobile Application Development for 2024

Description: Stay ahead with the latest trends in mobile application development for 2024. This blog explores emerging technologies, design practices, and development methodologies that are shaping the future of mobile apps. Discover how AI, AR/VR, 5G, and other innovations are transforming user experiences and setting new standards in the industry.https://risolutortechnolog...

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christie marie @christiegmarie89
23 May, 01:37
Digital Transformation in Banking: A New Era of Finance

Link- https://www.sphinx-solutio...

In today's fast-paced world, the banking industry is undergoing a seismic shift. Digital transformation is not just a trend; it's the new foundation of finance.

The future of banking is digital, agile, and customer-centric. It's an exciting time to be part of this transformative journey!

#DigitalTransformation #Banking #Fintech #innovation #CustomerExperience #finance #BlockChain #CyberSecurity #FinancialInclusion #sustainability

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Maddy McCullough @Missingmaddy
20 May, 09:31
STAT’s examination focused on 23 of the biggest drug makers and the two major trade associations: PhRMA and the Biotechnology Innovation Organization, known as BIO. It includes a series of data visualizations that map the pharmaceutical industry’s spending and the lawmakers who’ve accepted its PAC donations.

The analysis underscores the array of connections between the lawmakers and the drug companies they regulate. Already in 2020, the companies’ PACs have donated $8.62 million to individual candidates or their affiliated committees. The companies directed another $2.59 million to broader political groups like the... Moderate Democrats PAC... or the National Republican Senatorial Committee..... and to other drug industry PACs, including PhRMA’s.

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