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31 March, 03:23
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Hello all! I'm starting a Postcards 4 POTUS drive & could use Ur help. Please send a postcard from your state to Trump @
Donald J. Trump
c/o Mar-A-Lago Club
1100 S. Ocean Blvd.
Palm Beach, FL 33480
Share w/EVERYONE U know & let's overwhelm Mar-A-Largo w/our support. The goal is to get EVERY individual (not household) to participate. Personally, I'm purchasing a stack of postcards, addressing them & putting on the postage so all they have to do is write their message & mail. (Kind of like ballot harvesting 😃) Again, it doesn't matter the pic on the card as long as it has your state.

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Patriot@ Heart @PatriotAtHeart
2/2 U don't need to put a return address if u have reservations. This drive will begin tomorrow 4/1 and run thru 4/30 (done in 30 😉) We need to spread the word quickly & unrelentlessly. If we can get enough participation, maybe we can get the attention of some news sources while showing the country that we R the majority regardless of what the corrupt election results showed. I'm hoping that some of U may have direct or indirect contact with other truthers & platforms to share this & get to as many as possible. I'm sick & tired of doing nothing & hoping that this will bring a sense of unity, patriotism & support for all who join in. For God, Country & Trump
03:25 PM - Mar 31, 2023
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