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Political curiosity brought me on a much needed spiritual journey ThanQs to #JA #Digital Soldiers #17 #45 #SaveTheChildren #WWG1WGA #GodWins

Lawful vs unlawful #SaveTheChildren, there is a physics to life force, truth a force of nature, Q=17, a plan to save the world, #NCSWIC

In response CM_ Patriot to his Publication

The Real Kim Shady™️
(The Real Kim Shady)
So we have a girl reported missing to 911 on 9/11 from MOAB City, Utah.
Wearing a ZION T-Shirt and PYRAMID necklace.
Officer with a 666 tattoo on his left hand.

Nothing to see here folks.


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🔴Nurse talks about how he personally has helped kill COVID patients in a hospital setting.

How the number of cycles used in the PCR Test has been lowered after the vaccines came out to show the world how less people are dying with COVID.

How people he knows personally have been paralysed since taking the vaccination.

Political curiosity brought me on a much needed spiritual journey ThanQs to #JA #Digital Soldiers #17 #45 #SaveTheChildren #WWG1WGA #GodWins

🌷Christian. Patriot. MAGA all the way! Deplorable. ProLife. ProGun. ProIsrael. #SaveTheChildren. #StopTheSteal. #GodWins. #GITMO[them]🌷

FDA panel just voted 16-3 AGAINST approving the boosters.

This slide was shown at their meeting

At night all cats are black. Prowling around to bring you interesting items! Use Discernment At All Times! Blessings to you!

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il Donaldo Trumpo, [17.09.21 19:26]


Here for the patriots. Trump is my president. #WWG1WGA NCSWIC Enjoying the movie

Protect 1st & 2nd Amendment, Protect Children, Save America, Let Freedom Ring, United We Stand, We The People


The wheels of Justice turn slow but when they turn they are powerful.
10x SPEED now underway.

We The Media (IET)
5 day turn around.
Anyone ever seen justice habben so quickly ?????
Picking up speeeeeeed!!!

Q follower Arizona #KAG Patriot who loves God and Country #MAGA Trump/JFKJr 2020 #SaveTheChildren Evil Won't Survive in 5D


🔥Ladies and Gentlemen of Australia. My name is Riccardo Bozzi and I am the National Leader of Australia National One.

🔥In the coming days, weeks and months, disturbing rumors concerning the governance of our country will begin to circulate. These rumors will appear to be so incredible, so unlikely, and even so ludicrous that the only sensible response would appear to be to dismiss them out of hand.

🔥Some of these rumors will, in time, indeed, prove to be false; unfortunately some will be true and be prima faci evidence of the despicable crimes of treason and sedition and some even morally worse by those at the highest levels of power in Australia.


ChildOfGod⛪AmericanPatriot🇺🇸FreedomFighter🗽FamilyIsEverything👪SaveTheChildren🤱DigitalSoldier 👩‍💻WWG1WGAWW🌎Florida🌴 🙏RIP Veronica❤️

🔴🇺🇲 "Get Vaccinated To Protect Yourselves From Hurricanes" 🤡 🌎

🗣️I'll take my chances with the hurricane!

In response Divine Dirtclod to his Publication

I've been a Christian since 2009 but I've been an Anon since 1990. Anons are Critical Thinkers and avid researchers for the Truth.

I don't know what everyone's "AWAKE DAY" was but mine was in 1990 when I worked at HQ Air Force Special Operations Command at Hurlburt Field, Florida. I have a Special Access security clearance which for you civilians, that is the HIGHEST in the land.

I worked with Military Intelligence and Operations and boy, was that an eye opener. Q was going on LONG BEFORE THEY WENT LIVE ON SOCIAL MEDIA IN 2017.

I can tell you more but I'd have to kill you.

My point: After we kicked the Brits ass in 1776, a man called Adam Weishaupt founded the Illuminati and was funded by the Rothschild Dynasty. From that day forth, the Deep State was created and they began their agenda to DESTROY AMERICA.


Youth Health Strength Eternal Goddess Sovereign Free * And so it is

🇺🇸😼 Enclose 7 pages from the McAfee Telegram Channel
for those who cannot access Telegram 🙏

Dated from 9-13 → 9-16

Juan O Savin said this channel was legit
💥& would be posting awesome booms/declas shortly.
They are expecting 30 → 40 million Patriots to log on
once the declas starts 👊

I believe the McAfee Telegram Channel
is being run by these peeps 👇


Jesus follower, husband, dad, grandpa, great grandpa, animal lover, Apple/Mac freak, Hi TeQ Hillbilly, American Patriot.

King Sacrifice
22nd of November 1963
They are slaves to numbers.

A deep dark world is being exposed. The truth won’t be for everyone. Have faith in HUMANITY. Sometimes you can’t TELL the public the truth. YOU MUST SHOW THEM. Only then will people find the will to change. Do you see a pattern? DARK SECRETS.



Born again Christian. Happily married. Mother, So Calif. Conservative. #MAGA #WWG1WGA No DM's PLEASE.

POWERFUL! Must watch till the end!!!

#God First, #WWG1WGA!!!, #Mama, #Patriot, #Family, #Q, #Trump, #MAGA, #Save America, #My God Is With Me

Political curiosity brought me on a much needed spiritual journey ThanQs to #JA #Digital Soldiers #17 #45 #SaveTheChildren #WWG1WGA #GodWins

Christ bearer. God, wife, lute. I follow back. Ask me about: Eschatlogy, Prophecy, Solar Dynamics. No insider knowledge (of this earth).

Palmer Report outing themselves as trash.


Country Garden Lady, 🌻 PATRIOT,💫 Stargazer,WWG1WGA, Truth Seeker, Plant Seeds of Love Not Hate, 💚💙💜 Listen , Learn, Intuition

Brooklyn born/US ARMY raised, Roman Catholic/Christian-American of Italian descent (Sicilian) love freedom, Donald Trump, children & America

Political curiosity brought me on a much needed spiritual journey ThanQs to #JA #Digital Soldiers #17 #45 #SaveTheChildren #WWG1WGA #GodWins

Protect 1st & 2nd Amendment, Protect Children, Save America, Let Freedom Ring, United We Stand, We The People

sussman indictmen heating up

fook you killary!!