Kat istheSea3 donated @KatistheSea3
27 March, 09:01
😻 I'm posting this GIF even though
I CANNOT VERIFY the information.
That said, it is what I've BELIEVED for 18 years.

I read NESARA in 2005. I knew it was The Divine Plan.
I've never for one second lost my FAITH.

I've watched QTeam IMPLEMENT NESARA / GESARA every day
since President Trump was Elected in 2016.

Most Anons know N/G was meant to be implemented on 9-11.

N/G is so much MORE than finances but that is a piece of it.

I learned 10 years ago that Wells Fargo
was one of the RV / GCR banks because it,
along with HSBC, is owned by the Chinese Elders.

I haven't heard otherwise.

QTeam are collapsing the bloodline banks
& removing the deep state demon financial
debt-slavery stranglehold on Humanity.

WHEN the switch is flipped to the QFS for all
I do not know. FAITH 🕊

QTeam, Q+, BRICS & the Global White Hat Alliance
are bringing N/G in 🙏🏻


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Sam8848 @Sam8848
27 March, 10:53
In response Kat istheSea3 to her Publication
My question about Chinese elders, it sounds very mysterious for me. Who are the elders?? In Chinese history, there's no freedom for Chinese people. Where were the elders?? Did they ever help Chinese people to have freedom?? If the western world is fake freedom, China is real tyranny period

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Sam8848 @Sam8848
Thanks for your reply. I am not going to offend anybody but we have to look for evidences and think logically.
First, where did you get information about Chinese elders? Do you think dragon means reptilian? Second, how did you know Xi is a good guy? What do you think about North Korea's boy Kim? Do you think he is another good guy for his people?
03:58 PM - Mar 28, 2023
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