Vincent Kennedy⍟ donated @VincentKennedy
18 February, 10:46
Is it all lies?

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Lukenda Mira @RightReady
What are the 3 LTR agencies doing?
Why? Money - Land.
How can they achieve their goals?
Bigger picture necessary here.
Distraction? Yes
Accident? Don't think so.
True story? Yes.

I live just south of Columbus off the beaten path. Lived here since '94. I also have a creek on my property, I've built a waterfall with the boulders seasonal floods bring to me. I can take a small piece of shale from my creek, no bigger than a laptop screen, place it on a bed of coals and it will burn for 30 plus minutes. Smells like burning rubber. When it is done burning, it looks like a piece of sandstone, no longer black. The pic of the cliff is shale too, and this Utica and Marcellus shale formations, over 8 thousand ft deep goes from Cleveland to Cincinnati, the whole distance of Ohio. Do I know what's up? Can't say I do, but it would appear they are after the land. Ohio is rich in natural gas and untapped oil. More than they'd admit.
03:08 PM - Feb 18, 2023
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Lukenda Mira @RightReady
18 February, 08:04
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Watching to see if their magic is working.

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