Courtney Webster @PATRIOT_777
02 December, 07:58
i literally need a caretaker at 28 years old.
i have one arm at 40%
one arm 0%
legs 30%
on my own for the next 9 hours
my body is worse shape than a 95 year old.
please send me good vibes.
this was me in my prime right before my gardasil damage hit me like a MACK TRUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i was army bound
now i am wheelchair bound
i am so lost now.
Please pray for me
the parasites are really affecting my mental health today evidently

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Laurie Wilson @Micah6_8
05 December, 07:55
In response Courtney Webster to her Publication
Not to push things on you, but have your heard of detoxes like glutathione, NAC and others? NAC can help repair cellular damage.

There are options other than what is found in the medical world...just want to make sure you are aware of other options out there.

May not cure you but may help improve your life - it has helped a lot with my RA (studies are showing auto immune disease is caused by parasites, which is why anti-parasitic and antibiotics work on RA but doctors today refuse to treat this way - it was the standard treatment from 1930's onward until big pharma cranked out meds that were very expensive, some are $6000 per dose).

My family has chronic lyme, so we have been on ivermectin since before the pandemic, self prescribed - keeps us all functional and doing well...if one of us ends up with a flare, we hit it with antibiotics and it dies down again. Constant battle...I firmly believe Lyme is a bioweapon that escaped. Never had before 1950's...

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Courtney Webster @PATRIOT_777
06 December, 07:35
In response Laurie Wilson to her Publication
i am grateful you decided to expand your response and add this info in as i needed this info for a friend wondering if ivm helps arthritis. i also have arthritis in my blood family so i want to share testiminials with them. i would love to talk to you more it wont let me dm you tho. i had no idea what lyme disease was i might even be affected by it.. i need to look into it

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Laurie Wilson @Micah6_8
The doctors who discovered this worked for arthritis and especially for RA (which had no treatment) found some people responded quicker than others, some people could tolerate higher doses than others, some had worse herx than others, they would base the dosage on how the person was feeling.

And treatment continues for years - many have been on it for 20-30 years with no other meds and are doing very well. Many are in remission and live a normal life. If they get sick with the flu or cold, they often increase their dosage because their body is fighting off other invaders, etc... The video links will help explain it.

Sad thing is, the medical community scorns this even though it was proven to be very effective from the 1930's up until the 1980's when Big Pharma started pumping out very pricey meds, they went into medical schools to 'train' future doctors to follow their protocols, etc... Now doctors who follow this can also lose their license...

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02:06 AM - Dec 07, 2022
In response Courtney Webster to her Publication
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