Martin Geddes donated @martingeddes
14 October, 07:14
My experience of the institutional world is that it is filled with non-autists who are emoting a lot and are trying to manipulate the world into their image rather than trying to line everything up with simplicity. It is exhausting to model and participate in. My worst fear is that when this all goes down someone will tap me on the shoulder and ask me to do a "real job" again. Not sure I am capable of re-entering the structured, timed, organised world.

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Q_King David DaPepe @TheHermitPepe
14 October, 07:23
In response Martin Geddes to his Publication
With ya , im like a feral cat now Martin. 😂

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Vincent Kennedy⍟ donated @VincentKennedy
14 October, 07:25
In response Q_King David DaPepe to his Publication

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TheStormIsUponUs @stormis_us @stormis_us
14 October, 08:22
In response Vincent Kennedy⍟ to his Publication
Trump Girl
2 days ago
What’s up with Ultra Nuclear Maga attacking VK? @vincentkennedy Looks like the Shills are panicking! 👇🏻

This won’t be the Last Public
Apology letter you will see in the
Upcoming Weeks.
And yes Dan, Cover Blown
So bad Truth Social made you
Change your Name to
Vin[c]ent K[e]nn[e]dy
to Avoid the FAKE Account Ban.
Also, Don’t forget to delete the same fake fighter jet photos on your other CIA SHILL Account as well.
And No “Lo” Creating Doubt is shilling a fake CGI CIA Account to patriots for 2 Years that Vince McMahon is a Made up Air Force pilot named Vincent Kennedy, The Undertaker is playing Sleepy Joe Biden. If anyone needs to wake up it's that clown show 💯💯💯.

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