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Anyone try Keto?

YES! But the REAL Keto. Most people don't understand what it truly is. Babies are born in a state of ketosis and it's how we're meant to eat. Real keto is eating only real food. Meat, butter, cheeses, most veggies other than high starch (with natural sugars) like potatoes, carrots, etc. Trick is to regulate your blood sugar by avoiding processed foods & sugar. If it comes out of a package then it's most likely a chemical shitstorm. Your body likes carbs because they're quick easy fuel so it burns those first. If you're constantly replenishing the carbs then you will never reach into your fat stores. Also, the cholesterol myth. Research Ancel Keys & his theory back in the 60s that fat & high cholesterol caused heart disease. He traveled to several countries around the world but cherry picked the data to fit his theory. Then the American Heart Assoc influenced our food pyramid which anyone can see is not working. Cholesterol is needed for a healthy brain & statins cause dementia. KETO✅

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