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MAGA PATRIOT - Truth Seeker - Researcher - Be KIND-Love one another-Be the change you want to see in the world - 17 - WWG1WGA/NCSWIC/TBIYTC

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Isn’t Nancy still in Chyna???!!?? 😂

Defender of Truth. Exposer of Lies. Patriot till Death.

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That paper is not a real news site, read their about. #FakeNews

Until the Twit Purge of '21 General Flynn was interested in the Messages I was putting out there, In THEIR words "The Time Is Now"

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Violating a Judge ordered Media Blackout has its consequences,
the Vancouver Times is saving its own ass with the Satire Stamp, unlike the Conservative Beaver News site that went Dark after publishing the Alec Baldwin arrest with kiddie porn.

Santa Fe police know..

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What a Lovely Family!💙