Sharen Culver
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Sharen Culver

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Guys I could use some healing prayers right now. I was rushed to the hospital for the 2nd time in a week. Kidney stones. Whelp because I refused to get swabbed and have absolutely no symptoms of the rona. They are treating me like I have the plage. Almost full hazmat suits. 🤣 Bonus I got a private room. They're not getting off that easy tho. I am on a mission to ask each one of them if they honor their hypocratic oath to do no harm. When they say yes I inform them about the EO on the swabs and that it causes cancer. Not to mention they are getting a full history lesson on the spanish flu. Also informing them about Nuremberg trials. As much pain as I'm in I might as well enjoy myself. 😂 I'm so over these self righteous people who think they know it all and think I should obey them. Not today satan. Not today