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Stacy Stewart

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Proud American and Patriot. I believe in God, love my country, would die for my family, and trust in our military.

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Uh Oh
Happened within the last hour where she announced it on LIVE television.

Ivory Hecker "Fox Corp has been muzzling me to keep certain information from you the viewers ..."
She's reporting all that has been happening to her and other reporters, to Project Veritas.

Important info.



WWG1WGA, MAGA, Veteran, Constitutional Law Equal for All, Save The Children. Restore Our Nation

If you do not believe that in New York this was premeditatid murder just take time and listen to this brave Nurse who stood up. It was ethic murder based on Socioeconomic Status. If you were Black or Latino you were killed in the hospital. This was a planned event by Socialist Democrats who run that State .

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🔴BREAKING: Marjorie Taylor Greene on GA election official acknowledging large amount of documents missing for 2020 absentee ballots "Real election fraud is a big deal...I think this one's going to explode."

Database of all ivermectin COVID-19 studies.
96 studies,
58 peer reviewed,
58 with results comparing treatment and control groups.

#ICANFauciEmails ~ ~👀ON #ArizonaAudit

🚨BREAKING🚨Ron Desantis just signed#HB529 requiring teachers give students a 1-2 minute moment of silence at the beginning of each school day to pray, meditate, ponder, etc.


Because (GOD), (COUNTRY) no further explanation needed!

Qtah, [14.06.21 17:42]
[Forwarded from Red.Pill.Pharmacist (Red.Pill.Pharmacist)]
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So I caught this before it got deleted and then immediately went digging for sauce….

Navy Vet - 30 Years Served - #Patriot - Conservative stuck in CA - Booted 5th time from Twatter. Lost 15K beautiful Patriots! #XRP

Q-holic from 11/7/2017, awake from 95. I AM here shoulder to shoulder with you. Voted 4 Trump 2x #FamilyIsEverything #Dark2Light #GodHasUs

#WeThePeople RISE against Tyranny, fearlessly!


Ivory Hecker red pills Fox viewers informing them she has been “muzzled” and Fox Corp. doesn’t want their viewers knowing certain information, which she’ll be sharing with Project Veritas. 👀

I’m sure she’ll be fired by the end of the day, but there are so many of us Patriots out there ready to help! 🇺🇸🦅

Couple married for 73yrs reunited after being separated because of Coronavirus...


WTF did he just pull out from under his binder??

Midnight Rider Channel, [14.06.21 15:33]
[ Video ]

“In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” - George Orwell

🔥🙏👇Here’s Christopher Sign interviewing POTUS. He called him a “special guy” and a good man and frankly, he really appears to be just like that.

Another good soul swallowed down into the devil’s throat, another body counted.


#ICANFauciEmails ~ ~👀ON #ArizonaAudit

Bible & Gun Toting Deplorable. US Army Vietnam Era Veteran 72-79. It's easy to be rich, want less than you have. #GreatAwakening #Potus17

RT the hell out of it.

“In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” - George Orwell

🔥🔥🔥Why are the injections magnetic? (2 min 20 seconds) "Magnetofection"

#ICANFauciEmails ~ ~👀ON #ArizonaAudit

“In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” - George Orwell

🇺🇸This is about SAVING AMERICA! There’s no exaggerating that in any sense of the word!🇺🇸

🎥Rudy Giuliani on Steven Bannon’s War Room


Rand Paul: "More Children Have Died From Suicide Than From COVID" - YouTube

At a town hall on COVID-19 policy in Kentucky, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) condemned "one-size-fits-all" lockdown policies, and pointed to the effects of school cl...

For, in the final analysis, our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this small planet. We all breathe the same air. - JFK

New Dan Twitter Post - 4:09 pm Eastern...

Q follower Arizona #KAG Patriot who loves God and Country #MAGA Trump/JFKJr 2020 #SaveTheChildren Evil Won't Survive in 5D

Australia has a national hotline for Qanon

QAnon follower Tim Stewart's an old friend of Scott Morrison. His family reported him to the national security hotline

The family of a man who has been friends with Prime Minister Scott Morrison for decades and follows the far-right conspiracy theory QAnon has revealed they are so concerned about his beliefs they have notified the national security hotline several times.

The Stewart family have broken their silence to Four Corners because they are worried about the immersion of Tim Stewart in QAnon beliefs.

QAnon's followers broadly believe that former US President Donald Trump has waged a secret war against corrupt and satanic elites, including parts of government (dubbed the "deep state") and A-list celebrities. | |

Arizona Lawmaker Responds to AG Garland: “You Will Not Touch Arizona Ballots or Machines Unless You Want to Spend Time in Arizona Prison”

"The US Constitution specifically gives the power to the states to regulate federal elections as they see fit."



US Army Veteran SGT E-5 Dec75-Dec79 Pvt E1 GOD'S Army Most of my miserable existence! IF

Makes me sick

I’m a Proud Patriot Harley Riding Plumber from Canada trying to offer support & Fight the Good Fight! DS & Affiliates R Going Down! Thank Q

Best intel heard today:

1. DC is broke, City of London is broke & The Vatican (3 evil pillars of Cabal) assets seized
2 Navy on the move in our oceans to prevent cabal escape by submarine or boat since last week
3. Release AZ audit results to occur hopefully tomorrow
4. They will try to shutdown schools & do more cyber attacks ie ransomware
5. Blackouts contingent upon audits & likely to occur in the coming days/weeks
6. First big arrest probably Bidan after audit results released to public
7. Cabal Companies that control MSM: Disney, General electric, Viacomm, CBS, and Time Warner
8. After 3 days starlink satellite will give us Tesla free energy, it will go up as soon as the blackout occurs
9. An estimated 3 days with no electricity
10. Stock market crash to occur during blackout
11. A new base called Tierra Del Fuego an island near Argentina where military tribunals are taking place since GITMO is full
12. Military alliance are doing arrests & not contingent on audit