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Insatiable hunger for the truth , Patriot , Lover of God , civil engineer



Here for the patriots. Trump is my president. #WWG1WGA NCSWIC Enjoying the movie

Graphic Artist & Illustrator - Authorized Minister - US Navy Wife - Former Instructor - US NAVY TAP - CEO - Proud Patriot - #Arkansas

Ancient Mysteries

A huge and startling discovery has been made at the Devils Tower in Wyoming. Scientists from the Wyoming State Parks Department were conducting photographic seismic readings below the tower, when they discovered an incredibly large petrified root system below the tower.
What do you think?

Something’s going on here ⤵️

We should cut back on pre-shredded cheese and Make America 'Grate' Again.

VK posted this video on TS

#MidnightRiders🐸 Spiritual Alchemist🦅 #SaveTheChildren #QArmyJapanFlynn🇺🇲🇯🇵 WWG1WGA

In response QAnon76er WWG1WGA -Z to his Publication


Everything is Connected. Be the light. Be the change.

Future Monarch butterflies.

Can you see the 3rd one?

Dad to 4, 1 in Heaven * Baylor Grad * Messianic * Veteran #TrumpWON * #LifeBeginsAtConception #NoOneIsAboveTheLaw #StandAgainstEvil

Everything is Connected. Be the light. Be the change.


Alarming ⚠️

Warrior for Truth & Justice Greatest move of God is upon us Trump IS President #WWG1WGA

Warrior for Truth & Justice Greatest move of God is upon us Trump IS President #WWG1WGA

US Army Vet FT Carson Military Comms Oregon Proud Patriot Love God and all Patriots Sexy Grandfather 😊

What I love about anons:
The whole world tells us to believe one thing or else we are racist, bigot, terrorists/horrendous people and what do we do?
We continue to tell the mainstream propagandists to shove their fake and gay narratives up their ass!
We will not be bullied into complying with deception or lies no matter how many people tell us what to think.
One of the many reasons why I love you people.
The whole world could disagree with us and we'd still be searching for the truth and tell them all to collectivly suck us.

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🇺🇸MAGA🇺🇸WWG1WGA🇺🇸Proud Patriot 🇺🇸⚔️Digital Soldier⚔️ 🦅🕊God Wins 🙏🏻🎚Posts not endorsements- research. 1/2021 Twitter Purge 🎣🦀


🚨Has everyone wrapped their heads around the depth of evil and corruption that will be revealed in the following industries/sectors;

➡️ Govt on federal, state, and local levels (Governors, Sec of State, State Legislatures, mayors, clerks, etc.....)

➡️ Medical (including doctors, administrators, insurance, vendors, etc.)

➡️ Big Pharma (deep as ocean)

➡️ Abortion and sub-industries (sickos)

➡️ Law Enforcement (Police, judges, “lawyers”)

➡️ Social “media” (Big Tech)

➡️ Mainstream media (“news” outlets, newspapers, etc.)

➡️ Food (yes, food; research)

➡️ TV; Hollywood, etc. (sold out)

➡️ Shipping (think)

➡️ Banking (lending, credit, etc.)

➡️ Power - (oil, nat gas, electric)

➡️ Street drugs (including OTC; ex: fentanyl; we see you Pfizer)

➡️ Human trafficking (sickos)

➡️ Church / “religion” (hey there “Pope”)

➡️ “Charities” (Red Cross, etc.)

➡️ Schools (teachers, admin, boards, vendors) Yes, vendors; textbooks, etc.

➡️ Organz

#FamilyIsEverything. APL = 9.2/10 *Not an authorized preacher.

The artificial push for Ukraine is embarrassing at this point.

I'm here for a reason #FamilyIsEverything

Even a TIE Fighter has been shot down in Ukraine.

You can't make this shit up. 😂

Doing my part in helping restore freedom to America while kicking evil in the ass. Guided by God the Father, Jesus Christ & my ancestors!

We’re going to kill their mortgage scam.


Because (GOD), (COUNTRY) no further explanation needed!

JuliansRum, [3/1/2022 8:42 AM]
Notice how the talking heads haven’t even bothered to explain to the sheep WHY Putin is attacking targets Ukraine.

“Cuz Russian man bad.” That’s it. That’s the narrative.

JuliansRum, [3/1/2022 8:45 AM]
[In reply to JuliansRum]
For maga normies, it’s because the media spent 4 years demonizing Trump/Russia and they don’t want to be perceived as aligning with what the media said they/we are (Russian bots etc)

JuliansRum, [3/1/2022 9:05 AM]
[Forwarded from Julians Rum]
Plus they simply don’t understand wtf is going on. They just see a bigger nation attacking a smaller one and naturally side w the latter.

JuliansRum, [3/1/2022 9:10 AM]
[Forwarded from We The Media ⭐️⭐️⭐️ (Julians Rum)]
The sheep don’t even realize that Covid mandates are rapidly evaporating because:

1. Their controllers know they only have enough fear focus for one “crisis” at a time

2. They need their focus on Ukraine

Because (GOD), (COUNTRY) no further explanation needed!

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., [3/1/2022 9:24 AM]
Something Big is Coming. .
All the right people are scared. .
very scared. . .

It's show time..#share if you are READY!

Join: Robert F.Kennedy Jr (https://t.me/Robert_FKennedyJr_Official)

ChildOfGod⛪Patriot🇺🇸FreedomFighter🗽DigitalSoldier 👩‍💻WWG1WGAWW🌎T410-B128🤟Covfefe is "In the end we win."✝️God woke you for a reason!

🔴Kari Lake owns another reporter with precision.
The mainstream media's days are numbered.🔥🔥🔥



These reporters and networks have been named in the WikiLeaks to have colluded with the DNC or Hillary campaign during the 2016 election cycle:
ABC – Cecilia Vega
ABC - David Muir
ABC – Diane Sawyer
ABC – George Stephanoplous
ABC – Jon Karl
ABC – Liz Kreutz
AP – Julie Pace
AP – Ken Thomas
AP – Lisa Lerer
AURN – April Ryan
Bloomberg – Jennifer Epstein
Bloomberg – John Heillman
Bloomberg/MSNBC – Jonathan Alter
Bloomberg – Mark Halperin
Buzzfeed – Ben Smith
Buzzfeed – Ruby Cramer
CBS – Gayle King
CBS – John Dickerson
CBS – Norah O'Donnell
CBS – Steve Chagaris
CBS – Vicki Gordon
CNBC – John Harwood
CNN – Brianna Keilar
CNN – Dan Merica
CNN – David Chailan
CNN – Erin Burnett
CNN – Gloria Borger
CNN – Jake Tapper
CNN – Jeff Zeleny
CNN - Jeff Zucker
CNN – John Berman
CNN – Kate Bouldan
CNN – Maria Cardona
CNN – Mark Preston
CNN – Sam Feist
Daily Beast – Jackie Kucinich
GPG – Mike Feldman
HuffPo – Amanda Terkel


Let's pull everyone from the Left & Right & become centered

Yep, this is the video that Pfizer filed a copyright claim to have taken down so it wouldn’t get shared widely, in which CEO Albert Bourla says “Two doses of the vaccine offers very limited protection, if any.” It would be a real shame if this got shared all over social media
from Stranger Than Fiction
39 second video


We've known. Now everyone will too!

Happy Tuesday everyone. who needs more popcorn?