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15 December, 11:30
In response E.T. PHONE HOME to his Publication
Excellent. Thank you, E.T. 🙏
Great compilation of Territories in Antarctica
claimed & named by deep state demons:
Nazis, Queen & Princess Elizabeth, Argentina.

Other claimants include New Zealand, Australia, France,
Norway, Chile & did you see this? 👇 Rockefeller Plateau?

❄️⛄ WHAT'S down in Antarctica?
Possibly portals, craft & tech, ETs,
entire civilization of Nazis, underground cities, etc.

🇺🇸 3-17-21 Gene Decode
"What you do before you take out an enemy
if you don’t want them to get out,
is you take all their pathways out first
before you take out the base.
So in Nam you would take out all the tunnels coming in
so they can’t run
& so you don’t have to fight em over again.
If you go to Antarctica
you’re seeing the Alliance take out the maglevs & stuff
AROUND Antarctica.
So they’re isolating it.
Surrounding your enemy
& cutting off their means of escape
or their ways of coming up behind you."

#trusttheplan 💪

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