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Elon Musk TESTIFIES FOR JOHN DURHAM AGAINST MICHAEL SUSSMAN in Amazing Tweet to Rep. Jim Jordan - YouTube

Bitcoin is CRASHING TO $10,000 AS TETHER on Way to Bankruptcy from Lack of Reserves and Dollar Peg CR...

Jesus is KING!!! ✝️ #FamilyIsEverything . 11:11 #JFKJRLives ✨❤️✨ #GodWins #WWG1WGA Truth Social: @CaseyDee521

@VincentKennedy . 🐸 KEK


#wwg1wga#TheGreatAwakening#Nothingcanstopwhatiscoming#MUSK#twitter #GodWins 🍿


another#fighter on OUR side.
let's gooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!

John Durham GETS VICTORY OVER FBI as James Baker Testifies Being Duped by Clinton Lawyer - YouTube

Bitcoin is CRASHING TO $10,000 AS TETHER on Way to Bankruptcy from Lack of Reserves and Dollar Peg CR...

@realDonaldTrump 05/20/2022 15:17:40
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DineshDSouza /@DineshDSouza 05/20/2022 10:34:12
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If the sheriff in Yuma County, Arizona didn’t start his newly announced investigation into illegal ballot trafficking because of “2000 Mules,” then his investigation based on probable cause provides INDEPENDENT CONFIRMATION of the legitimacy of the issues shown in the documentary

Donald J. Trump reTruthed...

Profile picture from source site (Twitter/Gettr/Truth Social) Donald J. Trump /@realDonaldTrump 05/20/2022 15:13:15
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Jason Aldean /@jasonaldean 04/30/2022 17:22:47
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Great catching up with my friend, the one and only@realDonaldTrump today in Palm beach. As of now I am officially on Truth Social!!#LFG

Donald J. Trump reTruthed...

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Future proves past.
News unlocks.

The intel we’re getting from our most trusted sources speaks of the remainder of “The Plan”. Ezra Cohen posted…

“Eyes on Israel now”, followed by, “The Final Temple.”

@realLizUSA 05/20/2022 10:54:03

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RINO Brian Kemp knows he is dangerously close to heading toward a runoff. Don’t believe the Fake News trying to suppress the MAGA vote!

Vote for David Perdue this Tuesday, May 24th!


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Look up Ray.Chandler.
None are safe.

I was at a party tonight chatting with the guests.
It quickly became clear that people are still barely awake.
However, I was amazed at how eager and receptive people where to new information.
We may not think we know much, but don’t kid yourself, we know far more that the folks on mainstreet.
It made me glad to know we all have a small part to play moving forward.

The Storm is coming in heavy
Almost every MAJOR country is preparing for CIVIL UNREST connected to the [COLLAPSE]
Of world economy/food shortage growing/ high gas prices/supply chain disruption..
>>>>> The collapse of FIAT SYSTEM is just beginning ( where the sheep can finally see their is something happening and BIDEN or their governments are lying....)///


you were warned of all these EVENTS for the past year ..

Buckle up.

The news is fake
The war is REAL

Q) The Storm Rider /Official Page, [5/19/2022 7:43 AM]
ELON MUSK comes out against DEEP STATE publicly....
tells the audience who ever is writing the teleprompter for BIDEN controls the U.S. (alludes to deep state)///

_hours later.. MUSK comes out as REPUBLICAN....
>) WIRES;: THE RICHEST MAN IN THE WORLD BECOMES A REPUBLICAN AND GETTING READY TO MOVE BILLIONS$$$$$$$$$$$$ INTO RIGHT WING CAMPS that support free speech..... MUSK is advocating To BILLIONAIRE'S ( friends) across the World to bring in Money to TRUMP selected mid term winners and MUSK is getting ready to bring HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS TO 2024 ////
And coming forth with new projects/apps/Plattform Catered to FREE SPEECH
(in other words.... Where DECLASSIFICATION LEAKS are shared world wide among Free Speech FREEDOM FIGHTERS, PATRIOTS, ANONS.....)////

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How do you break up something this big?
What happens if low/mid/senior (non corrupt) Patriots learn they were sold out?
What happens?
Who is waiting with open arms w/ a plan to reorg under a single entity with direct OS by trusted Patriots?
Who are trusted Patriots who understand intel collection?

For those watching, this should scare you.
It’s the POWER you depend on to survive.
Money is worthless w/o those in power serving you.
WH / Military / Patriots.
Ready to play?

@DanScavino 05/20/2022 08:20:18
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Donald J. Trump /@realDonaldTrump 05/20/2022 08:11:24
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Gee, Elon Musk never told me that until now he only voted for Democrats. Actually, it was quite the contrary, but now it seems, with all of his problems with a probably illegal purchase of a crummy phony account loaded company, Fake Twitter, he wants to be a Republican because the Dems are “a Party of hate.” I could have told him that a long time ago, but actually they are a Party of sickness, greed, corruption & absolutely horrible policy. Good luck Elon, have fun!!!

Dan Scavino🇺🇸🦅 reTruthed...

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No coincidences.
Expand your thinking.


💫 Isabella Camille 💫🔥Child Qf God 🔥PatriQt🔥 🇺🇸MAGA🇺🇸 💥WWG1WGA 💥 💥 1776 freedom💥 NCSWIC💥 ⚡️digital solider💫 💥17=Q 💥

> Donald J. Trump:

Libs are melting down over the hard evidence of election fraud presented in 2000 Mules. They got caught, they know it, and they want to cheat again. No more ballot boxes!

> Donald J. Trump:
“They have become the party of division & hate, so I can no longer support them and will vote Republican.”

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has stepped up his criticism of the Democratic Party, labeling it the party of “division” and “hate.”

NEW: Fed Court Rules Against FBI in Russiagate Cover-Up! - YouTube

READ: Watch announced a federal court has ordered the FBI to disclo...

CRITIQUES AND REBUTTALS Dinesh D’Souza Podcast Ep334 - YouTube

In this episode, Dinesh reviews his in-depth exchange in the Washington Post with Philip Bump, a classic case study in the impossible project to debunk the d...

BREAKING development in Hunter Case - YouTube

Merch- https://www.magamerchus.com

U.S. Orders MILLIONS Of Smallpox Vaccines Amid Global Monkeypox Outbreak, Experts Say Remain Calm - YouTube

U.S. Orders MILLIONS Of Smallpox Vaccines Amid Global Monkeypox Outbreak, Experts Say Remain Calm. So far seven different countries are reporting confirmed o...

Oh my goodness!!!!!

Live Eagle Nest Camera at Glacier Gardens in Juneau, AK - YouTube

Live feed of bald eagle nest located at Glacier Gardens.This nest has been the home eagles Liberty and Freedom.Along with past eaglets2021 Kindness (GG6)2019...

Durham Probe JUDGE REJECTS MISTRIAL REQUEST from Sussman Defense Team Before FBI Officials Testify - YouTube

Durham-Sussmann trial: Judge ‘not inclined’ to declare mistrial, despite attempt from defense

Get Your House In Order NOW!

The MATRIX is falling apart - YouTube

This is what was captured in the sky during a lightning storm.

il Donaldo Trumpo /@ilpresidento
05/19/2022 13:43:55
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Georgenews post this morning.
date lineup on Qclock

Donald J. Trump /@realDonaldTrump
05/19/2022 09:27:27
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Chad H Vivas ULTRA2000 /@kagdrogo
03/20/2022 11:35:04
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The People’s General
Oil on canvas
5ft x 5ft

100% of the sales of these prints are being donated to General Flynn’s fight to save America
Donald J. Trump reTruthed...

Q !UW.yye1fxo 03/10/2018 15:15:18 ID: f396d7
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Falls on deaf ears.
Not w/ this administration.