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I wish there was a way to do a wellness check on@VincentKennedy .
He has been gone far too long and even more troubling given we have now just lost Veronica.#FamilyIsEverything

Another athlete, dead. This is not normal.

Protect 1st & 2nd Amendment, Protect Children, Save America, Let Freedom Ring, United We Stand, We The People

All evil needs to reign is for good people to remain silent. Proud American Patriot. Roll Tide Roll! Q - 1Q7 - JFK jr. Q+ - DJT

VK "A selfless act will change it all"

How do you expose Medical malpractice?

Even in her death her life will fight for our freedom.

Some gave all. Veronica was no exception.

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😢RIP Veronica. My heart is hearting.
This article shows that media is absolutely complicit. She had a medical power of attorney and the hospital would not follow the holder's demands and release her to another doctor, according to Lin Wood. This! Our beloved Veronica, murdered! We shall never forget, and I for one, will never forgive.

😞 This is really upsetting.

The Matrix Resurrections - Official Trailer (2021) Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss - YouTube

Prepare to go back to where it all started and return to the Matrix. Here's the first trailer for The Matrix Resurrections, starring Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Ann...

If you can read this and not want to say wtf? then...
The poor children ruined by their conspiracy theorists parents. Total garbage. 2021.

Remember 17 mentioned Iron Eagle? In the movie, they go behind enemy lines to save his father. I think there is at least a chance that Trump flies to Afghanistan and gets the Americans out. I mean, this is a movie afterall and that would be epic!

Uphold is glitching. Received notifications that major cryptos were down over 30% and my app isn't working. Anyone else?

Ghostrider gun aircraft now moving in to Fort Worth after a steady stream of transport aircraft. Eglin air force base is not expecting to really be hit by Ida so why all these aircraft being moved into Fort Worth?

Eyes On! Line of military transport aircraft and fast flyers just jumped up on radar. This looks like a happening!!

If you have been watching Jen Psaki in her press briefing, does she have a black eye?

Biden to address nation at 5 eastern. I hope the military arrests his treasonous ass live and on camera.
Prayers for all hurt and killed in Afghanistan and for their families. Sad day.

Hey, VK and all patriot friends. Veronica of the People's Bridge is in the hospital. Prayers for Veronica!!!

patton video at rally! wow!

Truth Seeker. Loved Husband. Proud Father. I'm a German but Trump is my President. #FamilyIsEverything #AmericaFirst

In Washington DC, Ray Roseberry is threatening to detonate a bomb in his car which he reportedly says would level two blocks of buildings.

“I’m here for a reason, Joe Biden. I’m here for the American people. If you wanna take me out, take me out. There are five of us here - I’m just the little man, I’m the speaker. If you blow my truck up, it’s on you Joe.”

Roseberry had been livestreaming on Facebook for 30 minutes from his car with FBI and snipers trained on him, but Facebook blocked his account and removed the video.

Roseberry has also reportedly claimed to be using coins as fragmentation to cause maximum damage, and says he has sensor on the car windows that will detonate the explosives if breached.

Where in the heck is VK? Anyone else feeling abandoned like I am?

Biden about to address the nation on his criminal actions in Afghanistan. I hope this gets him out of pseudo office and soon!

Hmm, found this interesting. Has anyone seen a live photo or interview etc with Gina since the Frankfort conspiracy?

Welp, it is the last day of July and no VK! Not sure what to think, although I feel that way about most every thing these days.

3GD / Three Gorges Dam Live Multicam + Radar - YouTube

Multi-stream of the Three Gorges Dam spillway from the side and straight on. Added radar of the general Yangtze River Basin area. Visit fo...