My friends, this is the most important battle in human history. If we can't grow our own food, we depend forever on the system. — MEGA POST —

“Animals are dirty and dangerous. Rainwater is poisonous - you can't eat stuff that was grown outside!” Traditional farming and ranching is antequated and illegal!”

Sounds ridiculous -- beyond belief! But so does people wearing cloth masks OUTSIDE for two years. These same people could be made to fear food overnight.

And this move is happening now:

* "Rainwater ALL over Earth has PFAS” -- new study claims “forever chemicals” are now in gardens and animals raised outdoors -- remember they are already shutting down farms for PFAS contamination (see my report here) — now extending the contamination to the entire biosphere!

... literally, from the researcher: "we’re in a place now where you can’t live anywhere on the planet, and be sure that the environment is safe.” This is the design. The divorce of man from nature. Separ

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Proud Patriot and supporter of President Donald J. Trump! Love all my Patriot brothers and sisters worldwide. God bless you all! 🙏❤

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And the kick in the gut of all of this, the people warning of how terrible everything is are the same ones that made it terrible. Everything we do needs to have a blessing said over it. when i planted my garden, i asked for God to clean the ground i plant in and i pray over all of my property. Any food that goes into our bodies that I'm cooking, all the way to snacks, i say a blessing over. Everything we do, if we pray and include God in everything and believe in what we're asking for and trust in the Lord, it will be done.

Woman of God, believe in common sense, love the USA, and also PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!

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Yes it sounds so simple that we should always include God and make him first in every little thing we do! Thank you!

I'm Nobody! Who are you? Are you – Nobody – too? Then there's a pair of us! Don't tell! they'd advertise – you know!

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earth cleanses itself

the government only lies

the government has no right to exist

everybody should start farming and revoke all consent for government

government has a track record of trillions of evil deeds and zero good deeds.

if you still believe government should exist with such a track record, please explain your thinking here.


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You are right, but there are still too many bad individuals everywhere who do everything to make sure that no one is self-sufficient. So for an example in the Czech:
I have a large plot of land and I know my rights as a living person. So I fenced the plot and planted about 130 trees and bushes on it. From the saved money, I planned to build a small self-sufficient house for life. It is not possible here.
If I leave aside the deliberate, bullying and other illegal actions on the part of not only the municipal council, but also the building authority, someone is constantly destroying the trees and bushes planted on my property and other.
Next to my land, there is a very old man who has been keeping bees all his life, he is a beekeeper and he has passed down the knowledge from his ancestors from generation to generation. It turned out that someone set his hives on fire and killed almost 60 bee colonies.
I'm sick of these scumbags and hope that everyone will be punished as they deserve

Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior! Casualty of the twatter purge (7 accounts gone) WWG1WGA ❤️✝️❤️🇺🇸🙏🍊

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The government is upon His shoulders- we are His and we know what to do✝️

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