R A I N . FOR . T E X A S ~ thank you, Mystic Knight

"It is not the visualization of rain that will make it manifest
It is the changing of the Laws in the subtle realms that manifests your desire, pitting Law against Law
In order to do this, you must first understand and know Nature and its boundaries. There is no rain without clouds. No clouds without accumulation of heat and cold. No heat nor cold without weather fronts high or low, etc..
You can not change the nature of a bee, but you can alert the bee to the pollination grounds by "tuning" your thoughts to the subtleties of the flower and then allow Nature to take its course. The same applies to ALL aspects of realms, regardless of potentates
Such is the way"

God be praised

You are most welcomed

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Now, since it is happening, draw it towards you by welcoming it and accepting it as a gift

In response Mystic Knight to his Publication

Ok, ... well, I'm on the east coast .. so I will welcome it to stay out west, offering it to the animals / land and - YES I am so THANKFUL!
We are all overjoyed! Thank you for the guidance, it helped me immensely.

Our pleasure
Well, you can inform the others
Unfortunately, "WE" can not as all things must be done in silence as per our code

In response Mystic Knight to his Publication

That's what I'm trying to do, many voices here; regardless I keep sharing (repeating the same info in different ways.)

... and I had a feeling you were special - code or not - ? I just feel so fortunate to have you here, nudging us along the path. We are all trying to overcome, as best as we can.

I'm assuming that creating images (for me) are part of the sequence needed to create change or embody the desired effect. Almost like cave paintings for hunters to attract herds of game.

That is correct, visualization is key, but it is the steps that are most important, without them, visualization is but a dream
Like baking a pie from scratch, skip a step and....
Building your thoughts around a common focus, step by step, one visual to the next, round after round until it is complete
Pluck one chord, then the first with another chord, then the two with a third and so on an so forth
Each step would be a Law visualized into an outcome, then first outcome with a second Law visualized into an outcome with the first and so on and so forth, subtle movements, big moments

Thank you for your kind words

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In response Mystic Knight to his Publication

There are not enough kind words to truly describe how precious (to me) these conversations are that you openly share. My gratitude is beyond words.

My dilemma is I want everyone to know the proper methods ...
may I share your "words" & thoughts? I want to give you credit and not appear to say these are MY ideas, (I have no ego in this, only the desire to help others realize too what you've shown me) ... would that be against your code?

of course
Still, all praises are to God for gifting us this knowledge,

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