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The deep state tried to assassinate Senator Kennedy
a few months after they killed President Kennedy.

When it was clear, via Looking Glass & Remote Viewers,
that a "Kennedy" or "Kennedy's"
played crucial roles in their demise
the demons set about killing as many Kennedy's as they could.
JFK, Jr's uncle, Joseph P. Kennedy Jr., plane crash in 1944.

JFK, Jr's aunt, Kathleen “Kick” Cavendish, plane crash in 1948.

The parents of John’s aunt Ethel, George & Ann Skakel,
plane crash in 1955.

JFK, Jr's father, President John F. Kennedy,
assassinated in 1963.

JFK, Jr's uncle, Senator Edward Kennedy,
narrowly escaped death in a 1964 plane crash.

JFK, Jr's uncle, Senator Robert Kennedy,
assassinated in 1968.

JFK, Jr. staged his own passing in a plane crash in 1999.

There is poetic Kennedy symmetry & history
to JR's method of a faux-exit.

7/10 plane crashes are targeted kills.
Those in the know never sleep.

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That old Irish humor!! Love it….

Dad, Guitarist, Patriot. Truth 'n MAGA ~ Music link below

In response Kat istheSea3 to her Publication

Perhaps they too *staged faux exits*. (great line too)😉 ....long sting operation requires undercover agents...and we know many others who did too.
The sons of great men are always a threat to enemies of great men!😎 ...i for one Trust the plan.🙏☝️🏁🇺🇸💜♡♡♡♡

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