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please pray for my daughter and my family. we are fighting big corrupt coroporation and the local good ole boy system. wally world accused my daughter of stealing. shes autistic and forgot to get her receipt. we have the bank print out showing she paid. wally world sent a so called loss prevention officer to court and he claimed he was 10 ft away form
her and watched her moved stuff pased the scanner. again it shows she paid for everything through pur bank. the cpurt appointed attorney attacked her asked for the receipt (this was over a year ago) he totally ignored her bank statement. they detained my autistic daughter 18 then and my 12 yr old son for over an hour that day. they have no video or pictures. my kids said they never daw the guy before they sent to court claiming to be the loss prev. officer

Questioning everything led to my progressive awakening. Still learning daily. A new me, The Real Me is emerging. Strange, but I like her.

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How horrible! But it does sound like you have what you need to sue rhe pants off of them! Prayers your daughter wins and is not emotionally affected by the ordeal.

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oh after it gets dismiseed we already have a great attorney who worked for Trump to sue them

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