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Words and their origins/definitions help us to re-member the truth. Truth is revealed to each of us in a manner and amounts we can handle. It is God’s way of gently waking us up rather than a loud obnoxious alarm clock.

Firmament =Late Latin "firm or solid structure," which translated Hebrew raqia, a word used of both the vault of the sky and the FLOOR of the Earth in the Old Testament, "expanse," from raqa "to spread out."
Expanse = Hebrew for a solid barrier, also known as the Vault of Heaven, a solid dome over the top of a FLAT Earth.

Earth = Old English eorþe is "ground, soil, dirt, dry land; country, district," also used along with middangeard (Middle Earth) for "the material world, the abode of (hu)man" (as opposed to the heavens or the underworld).
Aero = Greek-derived is ‘atmosphere or air.’
Plane = from (1) Latin ‘planus’ is “level, FLAT” and from (2) PIE root ‘pele’ means “FLAT; to spread.”
12:17 PM - Jun 03, 2022
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