Dale Bradburn @Seekeroftruth1776

The CME came in yesterday and that ignited Everything 🔥

🌬Solar winds & Geomagnetic Storms raged for the last 24 hours🌞

⚡️We've also had SOLAR FLARES like crazy, 6 since midnight. C Class mostly, but the most recent an M Class⚡️

Things are Ramping Up, literally.

We are in the

✨TIME of the LIGHT✨

💞 A Time where YOU are being UPGRADED and PURGED to hold 💫MORE LIGHT💫 on a Collective Level 💞

That is why You may Feel Exhausted at times, or even Nauseous depending on how deeply You Need to Purge 🙏

Your Spirit Team is working with You to CLEAR YOU for this Final Hurdle 💫

One thing You can do to make this go Quicker is to GET OUT of Your 3D Mind 🤲✨🦋

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05:45 PM - Mar 14, 2022
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Dale Bradburn @Seekeroftruth1776
14 March, 05:45
In response Dale Bradburn to his Publication
YOUR HEART is Quantum, it Understands what's happening and about to happen with the Grand Solar Flash 🌞

Feel into the Golden Grid around Our Planet 💞🌍💫

By RELEASING from the 3d Mind and are able FEEL Your way through the Energies 💓

⚜️ It's a MAGICAL Thing and when You Feel into the Grid, You'll understand how All of this is Happeni💖ng in this Now Moment ⚜️

🌈 It Is Time DIVINE ONES! 💞

💖 Much LOVE and LIGHT 💫

✨ SA Smith ✨

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