😼 11-29-21
-Ghislaine Maxwell on trial,
Child trafficker & blackmailer for the bloodlines.
-Twitter’s Jack Dorsey resigns,
-CFO of Walmart resigns,
biggest shipper of adrenochrome on Earth.

💥 7-20 Colleen & Charlie Freak
In the 1980’s in China, they dredged the Yangtze river
inland to Wuhan, making Wuhan a seaport.
Walmart purchased the Danish Maersk Shipping Lines
so they could have Walmart freighters all over the world.
Why did they have Walmart all over the world?
In virtually every town?
Because the new Silk trade was children
& in particular
children for the production of adrenochrome.
The bloodlines needed to ship these children without trouble
to be able to control their minions.
The massive Walmart Empire was created
as a way to quietly
take all this adrenochrome
& the children themselves
to virtually everywhere on Earth
& NO ONE batting an eye at it.
‘It’s just Walmart...’

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In response Kat istheSea3 to her Publication

Many Walmarts also had the linked underground highways and trains. Many have closed down now, only to seemingly be transformed into what look like possible camps. WalMart>

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In response F.B. Jones-Z to her Publication

Well said, F.B.
I heard Gene Decode report that last year.
That the deep state demons
had been transforming some Walmarts
into FEMA camps!!!
Praise Q Team!
#GodWins 💪🙏🇺🇸🦅💥

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